Flower Power 4/20 in Southern Humboldt


Happy 4/20

Imagine in the future when this day can be celebrated freely everywhere. Or, you can just come to the Mateel in Redway this afternoon and act like tomorrow is today.  The 4/20 celebration planned includes live music, burlesque, and a fire show. And of course, plenty of marijuana themed events including a rolling contest.

I’ll be covering the story for High Times and for The Humboldt Chronicles, the Lost Coast Communications’ new radio show that I host. Come up, introduce yourself, and I’ll interview you for both.

I hear that some of the motels have sold out but the Sherwood Forest Motel clerk informed me there were still rooms open and said, “Let’s spark up a doobie at 4:20.”  Only in Humboldt.  In fact, probably only in Southern Humboldt.



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