Briceland Road–How's It Holding Up


A year ago this month, Briceland Rd.  near Whitmore Grove slipped out. Trees fell and the road was undercut. Eventually, a quick fix was instituted.  How is the fix holding up under the latest storm?  According to Kim Sallaway who took the photos above today , “The water is rising, undercutting some, but the road is stable and doesn’t seem threatened. Those guys who did the work [last year] in the pouring rain, round the clock, did a very good repair. If the tree on the other side of the creek remains vertical, the road will continue to be very good. However, it is being undercut as the water rises.”  Only time will tell, he says, if the fix will survive this latest storm.

The County road crew have been struggling to keep emergencies at bay on hundreds of small back roads as well as the larger routes and Briceland Road is showing some rough spots.  “Pot holes,”  Sallaway says, “are starting to be a real fact of life on Briceland Road.”


If you haven’t seen Sallaway’s amazing photo galleries, treat yourself on this rainy day to a bit of fun.


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