Celebrate 4/20 with the Mateel

Sadly, the Humboldt 4/20 events have been sometimes pretty humdrum in the past.  But this year some folk are determined to change that.  The Circus of the Elements Show has their Fire Fusion show at the Mateel this year and there is a large lineup of bands and other kinds of acts. I hear the fire show is going to be spectacular.  I saw a piece of the winter show when they were a large part of the Mischief Lab and loved it. There is something magic about flames! 

Now, I’m hearing that there is going to be an attempt to break a world record but everything is pretty hush hush and I don’t know if the rumors are true but I can’t wait to see what happens. I’m going to try and capture the fire show on camera.  I’ll be there covering this for High Times and for our radio program, The Marijuana Chronicles.  Come say hi if you see me there.


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