No new admissions in the CSU System for 2013




The chances of any student going to the California State University (CSU) system in 2013 just plummeted. CSU just canceled Spring 2013 admissions as part of a way to cut the budget….

According to the San Francisco Chronicle,

In addition, all students applying for fall admission in the 2013-14 academic year will be wait-listed until the outcome of the November election is known.

The uncertainty of the voter response to a tax increase measure on the November ballot forced the university to cut its budget now, said Robert Turnage, CSU’s budget czar. The measure’s failure would result in a probable $200 million cut to CSU, he said.

With fall tuition rising to $7,017, Turnage said the decision was made to cut spring enrollment. “It’s pretty clear that enthusiasm for fee increases is pretty much not there,” he said.

Instead, CSU will cancel spring 2013 enrollment. That will close the door on about 16,000 students who typically transfer to CSU each spring.

You know, if they just cancel classes for everyone, expenses will really drop dramatically.

Not to panic but that’s my kid’s life that is being messed with…and 16,000 other kids just for the spring semester alone.

And how is this going to affect the college town of Arcata? HSU? and CR?


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