Group Offers Movies to Learn About GMO's

SoHum Label GMO’s Press Release:

The SoHum Label GMO’s group will show the movies Unnatural Selection and Monster Salmon at the Mateel Community Center on Friday, March 30th. Doors open at 6 pm, movies start at 8 pm. Come early to sign the petition and snack on GMO-free organic popcorn and 100% GMO-free desserts.

The first movie, Unnatural Selection (one hour), reveals harsh consequences of genetic engineering worldwide.

•   A failed GM cotton crop prompts farmer suicides in India.

•   Windborne GM canola contaminates farms in Canada. One farmer fights Monsanto in the Supreme Court.

•   A company seeks approval for giant GM salmon that may threaten the survival of the natural species.

•   GM pigs are born with ghastly mutations.

•   And experts reveal how inadequate testing and regulations put us at risk.


The bonus movie Monster Salmon  (30 minutes) hits close to home here in salmon country. It describes AquaBounty’s efforts to market genetically engineered salmon in the USA. Given the FDA’s recent attempts to fast track approval of genetically engineered salmon,  this documentary is important and timely.


Please join the community in an evening of GMO awareness and positive action. Help us label GMO foods in 2012!  Many businesses are also hosting the GMO Labeling petition locally.


Places where you can sign the petition include:

Redway Feed


Juice Jungle

Chautauqua Natural Foods

Hemp Connection

Humboldt Hunnies

Lil’ Sprouts

Organic Grace

Garden of Beadin

Honeydew Store

Petrolia Store

Humboldt Healthy Foods

and at volunteer-staffed tables at Eureka Natural Foods and the Eureka and Arcata Co-ops!

Thank you for helping us secure our right to know what’s in our food! Label GMOs! Every signature counts! Sign today! Some friendly reminders: You must be registered to vote to sign. PO box signatures will be disqualified so please use your residential address. Please do not sign twice.






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