This Victim Doesn’t Know He’s a Victim

One of your neighbors needs your help. The Garberville branch of the Humboldt CO Sheriff’s Office received a report from an anonymous source.  The anonymous source claims that in the last few weeks several vehicles were stolen from a person who is out of the country and unaware of the crime.  The anonymous source does not know the victim but does know the person who committed the crime. The source also knows that the victim lives in Southern Humboldt and is currently in Ireland visiting.  The source believes the victim may have been from Ireland originally and has returned there to visit.

The sooner the Sheriff’s Department is able to contact the victim and confirm the crime, the sooner something can be done. If anyone has any knowledge of someone living in Southern Humboldt but currently visiting Ireland would they please contact Sgt. Ken Swithenbank at 923-2761.

Ach, sure and begorrah, ’tis the neighborly thing to do. 


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