Snow Expected at Higher Elevations



If you are traveling Highway 299 or Highway 36 or live in the hills, be aware that the National Weather Service is predicting “a cold front to bring significant snowfall above 1500 feet” between 2 P.M. today and 3 P.M. tomorrow. Snow levels could be 8 to 12 inches. Initially the snow will go down to around 2000 feet but on Wednesday the snow should drop to 1500 feet.

The cold weather has caused the Extreme Weather Shelter to be opened the last several nights. Lynette Mullens, project coordinator and Community Outreach and Education Coordinator for the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office explained last night that the low temperatures necessitated the opening for the 3rd night in a row. According to Mullens,

We’ve provided 22 beds the last two evenings to men who would otherwise be outside in (literally) freezing weather. Shelter Coordinator Steve Bell also had 3 women come to the shelter last night and he referred them to the Rescue Mission, which has extra beds/space for women and children.

Folks in need should be sent to the Mission, 110 2nd Street in Eureka, where they will go through intake, which includes food, hot showers and clean clothes.


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