Cold Weather Forecast for Eureka has Extreme Weather Shelter on Standby

The forecast of 32 degrees in Northern Humboldt has the Eureka Extreme Weather Shelter on stand-by in case the Mission reaches capacity tonight.   
If you see folks on the street in Eureka, please direct them to go to the Mission, 110 2nd Street, where they will go through intake, which includes food, hot showers and clean clothes.  Once the Mission reaches capacity, after intake, folks will be referred to the Extreme Weather Shelter based out of the St. Vincent’s Dining Facility.


In Southern Humboldt, Kathy Epling says, “Women might be able to access something through WISH. Guys…well, nothing much out there.”  She also says that she is out of warm clothing to hand out to folks in need. 
UPDATE:  Kathy added that “I can always use warm (clean, if possible) coats, sweaters, sweat pants. And blankets and sleeping bags. … People can bring them by the bookstore during our store hours (10:30 to 5, every day except Sunday). North end of Gville on Redwood Drive, right before the laundromat and Napa..thanks.”
UPDATE: 9:55 P.M. KMUD just reported on Twitter, “Garberville Fire just responded to debris fire on riverbar, say ‘warming’ fire, but still makin people put it out.”  It is going to be a hard night for some folk.



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