Vehicle Sought in Connection with So. Humboldt Home Invasion

possible vehicle type in Salmon Creek home invasion

lexus poss used in southern humboldt home invasion


Sgt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt Co. Sheriff’s office said today that the Mendocino arrests of 4 men for attempting to break in and rob a marijuana collective were unlikely to be related to the Southern Humboldt home invasion of last week.

Among several other indications, the suspect’s vehicle in Mendocino is a dark SUV and the vehicle sought in connection with the Southern Humboldt crime is believed to be a late model, white 4 door sedan– quite possibly a Lexus.

In addition, Swithenbank stressed even though the recent home invasions have put everyone on edge and while everyone has the right to have a gun to defend themselves, if people have a gun and are arrested for growing marijuana, the gun is a mark against them in a court of law. This could present a conflict for growers and Swithenbank acknowledges that this is “a decision they all have to make.”





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