SB 81 is on the Governor's Desk–School Transportation Cuts Likely to Be Restored

In what may have been the most exciting day rural California has seen in years, this morning the Assembly passed a bill remedying earlier slashing of bus transportation services 54-4 and then, in an amazing show of speedy bi-partisanship the Senate just passed the bill too before noon of the same day! Around 11:30 A.M., Andrew Bird,Wes Chesbro’s communications director, announced to the eager Facebook fans of Bus Stop to Nowhere that “SB 81 is now on the Gov’s desk. The Senate just approved it.”  

Southern Humboldt Unified School District board president Dennis O’Sullivan explained just two days ago, “Susan Thompson, Jim Stewart and myself, did provide comments to support SB81 during the hearing and we did meet later at 3:00, with Gov. Brown’s legislative aide who actually brings the bill to the Governor …. We were looking for additional support of Mr. Cohen’s earlier remarks as the Gov, rep from Finance that he actually would sign the Bill..”  They didn’t get that reassurance but there are signs the Governor may be favorable.  He has 12 days to sign or reject the bill according to O’Sullivan.

Drawing by Janet Young. More by this Humboldt Co. artist at


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