The Future of Medical Marijuana in Doubt After Fed Raids

Kym Kemp / Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011 @ 12:55 p.m. / marijuana , Mendocino ,  News

The Sacramento Bee has a strong piece this morning by Peter Hecht outlining the very real effects of the latest federal crackdown on medical marijuana in California.  There is an excellent description of the raid on Matt Cohen of Northstone Organics in particular and the resulting chill that spread across those growers who are attempting to work with law enforcement.  Cohen was an example of a grower who appeared to do everything legal.  He appeared to operate a non-profit cannabis organization that worked closely with law enforcement to be environmentally and socially responsible.  The article has a powerful account of the raid including this,

On Oct. 13, Cohen was indiscreetly greeted with a battering ram at his door.

You don’t have to knock it down. I’ll open it,” the tall, pony-tailed Cohen said he shouted to DEA agents. “And please don’t shoot the dogs.”

Cohen said officers handcuffed him and his wife, Courtenay, 31, demanding to know where he kept guns and cash. He said he had no weapons and just $5.

The whole piece is well done and really worth your time to read but this quote in particular says it all,

It’s paranoia season up here right now,” said Fran Harris, who with her husband, James Taylor Jones, runs a tie-dyed clothing store in the town of Laytonville and grows marijuana for medical users under the county-supervised program. “Matt (Cohen) may have been targeted to send a message. He was trying to promote doing it the right way. And the federal message is there is no right way.”


  • Kym,
    Is there a way to attach files? Last Sat.Oct. 22, I circulated my NOTICE CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER instrument/doc in Arcata to get witnesses/autographs and then in Garberville for the same. Tues. Oct 25th at 1:50 p.m. the Supes. and Sheriff Downey were ‘served.’ Yesterday, again to Arcata, I passed around information regarding California seceding from the Union over Medical Marijuana, as well as The Illumined Only Want the Truth, and They Want It From the Tree’s Root,, Are You Aware? citing several Supreme Court case rulings. Perhaps, you and others on this blog would like to read. This morning I started a thread, SHUT DOWN THE SYSTEM 11-11-11. The next incoming email (not from where I had just posted) was from a Greggory Lawrence, informing me all about the Mayan Elders, The Thirteen Crystal Skulls, the Hunbatz Men Council of Maya Itza Priests & Elders,and their pilgrimage that started in Manhattan on the 27th and will end in L.A. 11-11-11. They will stop at sacred sites along the way: the Serpent Mound in Ohio, Cahokia, Illinois, Kaatsi, Arizona, meeting with the Hopi and Tibetan Bhakha Tulku Rinchope, then to Sedona, Arizona. Info. at:
  • Well duh, I keep reading that the stuff causes schizophrenia.
  • In response to Forest Queen
    Maybe you want to start your own blog and link to it from here.
  • So much for the Ruler, Obama and his BS about states rights and honoring the rights of LEGAL cannabis growers. When will people stop falling for the Left -Right paradigm and look to someone that reflects real change in the 2 party oligarchy. Ron Paul in 2012. Doesn’t anyone ever wonder why the political freight-train continues in the same direction no matter what puppet is in office, no matter what those puppets SAY they are going to do for you, decade after decade after decade? Please read your history. Please read the history of Germany from 1920 to 1950. The US has become a police-state and it’s only going to get more oppressive.

    Next, STOP asking for permission to exercise you God-given rights. Grow male as well as female plants, make seeds and sow them in every corner of this Nation.

    God bless and be careful.
  • In response to Forest Queen
    I’m afraid there isn’t a way to attach files but you can start a blog with very little effort and post your files there. is who I use. Yikes, Sorry Anne, I didn’t see your comment before I replied to Forest Queen. (I look at the comments on a dashboard for the blog’s creator most of the time. It’s faster.)
  • yep seeds-my gosh this has been going on,far to long-been an advocate for play by the rules-now when the kids ask of such,heart wise,gotta say na-be very careful-
  • Isn’t it funny that doctors “prescribed” pints of booze during prohibition but are looked at differently recommending a plant that has true medicinal properties? Politics all over again. Anyone who sips on booze and is against weed is a true hypocrite. Legalize it already!
  • It really is a problem when people on a local level want to allow something, and go so far as to get local support and do it above board, only to have other people from far away decide to hammer them for completely different political reasons.

    You know what bureaucratic cops like? Easy to find taxpayers who are easy to lean on. A law abiding, non-violent, non-profit grower? Awesome! Hit him hard!

    Don’t ask permission to exercise your rights. Use them or lose them.
  • Kym— what’s up with the Dinsmore bust?
  • In response to Odd news
    The DA’s office is supposed to release more information today. I’ll post it as soon as I get it.
  • In response to Scott
    Actually the position that medical cannabis is a “sham” closely tracks the way opium was treated following the passage of the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914. A key question was whether doctors had discretion to prescribe opium to habitual users without attempting to get them to stop.

    In US v Jin Fuey Moy, the court claimed a doctor prescribed opium though he “…did not issue it in good faith, but knew that the drug was not given for medicinal purposes, but for the purpose of supplying one addicted to the use of opium.”

    (As an aside, the short decision includes consideration of the legal authority of the feds to regulate drugs. Clearly at that time the notion that the feds may only regulate bona fide interstate commerce was still taken seriously, as Oliver Wendell Holmes’s comment suggests when he writes, “If opium is produced in any of the states, obviously the gravest question of power would be raised by an attempt of Congress to make possession of such opium a crime.” Welcome to the CSA era, Ollie.

    A similar issue was at stake in Webb v US:
    “[The doctor on trial] furnished these ‘prescriptions,’ not after consideration of the applicant’s individual case, and in such quantities and with such direction as, in his judgment, would tend to cure the habit, or as might be necessary or helpful in an attempt to break the habit, but with such consideration and rather in such quantities as the applicant desired for the sake of continuing his accustomed use.”

    So, no, this medical marijuana “sham” is not really new. Except that now the pharmaceutical lobbies are much more powerful than they were, and the war on drugs much more entrenched.
  • The nature of things like the feds approach to Medical Marijuana is always subject to the political winds. It can even be as simple as law enforcement deciding when going 70 mph is ok and when they are going to crack down on mildly speeding people. Depends on financial needs of the state, whether there is an election, an epidemic of lawbreaking, who is the boss and so on. But as long as something is illegal on some level, you are at the mercy and whim of the enforcers. These enforcers can be incompetent, mean spirited, on the take, striving for a promotion, etc.

    The denial of some on the marijuana industry is staggering. I’m for decriminalization and have been always, just to set the record straight. This community is smart enough to figure this all out on a big picture scale. But then it’s hard for people with an economic interest to regulate themselves or even see themselves clearly It’s called a conflict of interest. And it clouds our thinking.
  • I agree with the above comment “The denial of some on the marijuana industry is staggering.” Now before you shoot me down…I grew against real CAMP in the day. I gathered signatures for Prop. 215 and worked a couple years after its passage to protect it. I’ve spent a year in jail for transport. I have spent my entire adult life defending weed and consider myself a true weed warrior. Truly sick people should not be denied access, ever.
    What this has all become IS a sham, people. And Obama said he would not bother real patients, not allow huge warehouses and plantations to be operated by huge corporations under the guise of “helping sick people who need it.” Federal law never changed and actually state law only allows medical use. We all know that it’s incredibly easy to buy a recommendation without even a physical check-up by a doctor. These clinics advertise openly that you will not be refused for any reason. Large moneyed interests have opened large-scale operations all over the state to make hella money, pretending it’s all about sick people. Prices drop yet patients don’t receive discounts. Mom and Pop growers are unable to keep up unless they double or triple their output. Environmental damage is worse now than from the logging outfits as people race to push terraces and build more greenhouses. I am very sad about this.
    Yet people scream about how great weed is and how mean the feds are and really you brought this all on yourselves by shouting it out so loud for so long. Much of the country is much more conservative and they are tired of truckloads of weed rolling in from Cali to their towns and children. So it’s not really all medical and it really is mostly a sham and a scam. And we never even passed legalization in this state so where did you all get that it was all legal anyway? I’m amazed at the discussions I hear with their deep levels of denial. Oh yeah, how about all those recommends that are photocopied and hung in multiple locations? How about 10, 15, 20 greenhouses on 40 acre parcels that are full of “tomatoes and peppers”. How about those RICO acts that are still on the books-y’know the conspiracy charges. How about federal mandatory minimums, also still on the books. This can all get lots worse, easily. Get a grip of reality, people.


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