Arrest in Garberville Home Invasion Robbery

UPDATE: the Times Standard has a photo of the suspect.

In what appears to be a wonderfully speedy response, a suspect has been arrested in a home invasion robbery that occurred this morning at approximately 4 a.m.

At that time the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a home invasion robbery in progress with the suspects possibly still in the residence.  According to the first press release, the home was

…on Oakcrest Drive, Garberville. Deputies and California Highway Patrol officers responded tothe residence. When the deputies arrived they found the front door of the residence forced open. They located the three victims, a  husband, wife and infant inside the residence. The husband had received a grazing gunshot wound to the top of his head. Deputies spoke with husband and wife who told them they were awakened by a loud noise on the first floor of their two story home. The husband went downstairs to find out what made the noise. Once downstairs he was confronted by a masked man pointing a handgun at his face and demanding money. While the husband was getting money, a second masked suspect appeared and went to the upstairs master bedroom and ordered the wife at gunpoint to the floor. The second suspect then stole the wife’s wedding ring. After the first gunman was given cash by the husband, he then shot the husband in the head. The bullet grazed the top of the husband’s scalp. The gunman then demanded more money from the husband stating it was not enough. The husband was able to find additional
money which he gave to the suspect who had shot him. Both suspects then fled the scene.

The male victim was transported to a local hospital by ambulance personnel for treatment. Both suspects are described as Hispanic males, wearing all black clothing, black facemasks, approximately six feet tall. The victims did not see a vehicle associated with the suspects.

Anyone with information is requested to call the Humboldt County Sheriffs Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriffs Office Crime Tip line 707-268-2539.

A second press release was sent out a little before 3:30.

On Monday, November 28, 2011 at about 1148 hours, Deputies from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office arrested Hussain Munassar Obad (04-04-1987) for the early morning home-invasion robbery of a Benbow area residence. Obad was taken into custody without incident in the parking lot of the Garberville Motel. Detectives from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office began interviewing witnesses early this morning that led to the possible location of Obad.

Obad was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following violations:

Home-invasion robbery, attempted homicide and burglary. Additional charges may be sought as the investigation continues.

Obad is a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. Obad told investigators he was born in the Country of Yemen, immigrated to the United States at the age of 4 and is now a United States Citizen.

At the time of this release, the investigation continues. Evidence technicians are processing the Benbow residence, vehicle(s) and other locations in the Garberville area in an attempt to gain further evidence of this crime. As the prior news release mentioned, there were additional suspects. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has identified two additional male suspects associated with this investigation. Both of those suspects are juveniles and their names are being withheld from this release.



  • Thanks for the report Kym. That house is just across the canyon from mine. It sure points out a good reason to not have cash at your house. I’d bet that’s why banks are so popular.

    • Holy moley, even if you had no cash on hand you’ve got these morons shooting you? Probably madder if you have nothing to give them. Wonder what happened the last time we heard about a similar situation here, in Mendo Co? The homeowner got up with a gun and killed one of the guys. I kind of thought that was overkill, a murder for a house robbery… couldn’t he have just shot him to injure, i don’t know about killing someone.

      • sorry but anyone that breaks entry into home of someone else should be shot dead shoot to injure is wrong choice if they have gun u might only have 1 shot so u better make it count. so this guy hussain should be hung if found guilty and i hope they find all involved and hang all of them!!!

      • You don’t shoot someone to try and injure him. You shoot to kill. At least you have to assume you’re going to kill him if you decide to shoot him. That’s the policy of police departments everywhere and should be the guideline for armed citizens.

        • I might add, the idea we regularly hear of shooting someone in the leg to try and stop an assault is bogus. First of all, shooting a specific part of the body isn’t something you can count on doing in a fight. More importantly, the upper leg holds the femoral artery, one of the largest- if not the largest- in the body. A person can bleed to death within 10 minutes if the femoral artery is severed.

      • Oh i believe in “an eye for an eye” all right, but i just don’t think of a property crime as the same level as a murder. That’s more like two eyes for an eye.

        You’re all probably right about the viciousness of a maimed criminal– it’s not a good idea to start the violence if you can’t finish it. That said, is there any way you guys recommend that could successfully immobilize an assailant, besides sudden death?

        • Wasp spray.

        • Sure, you could just lay down and spontaneously bleed to death if you don’t want to trouble your assailant.

          • Haha, not very funny, Ernie. Why would i shoot someone, could be my neighbor’s or relative’s high-school kid gone wrong temporarily with the wrong crowd. I don’t exactly respect rip-offs, but i respect life enough that i feel a hard lesson for a wrong deed is better than a dead end. My idea of punishment would not be jail time, either, but some high-tech virtual fence or leash that would prevent their escape, and i would make them my slave, doing real tough-guy stuff like digging ditches and fixing roofs, gardens, roads, and septic systems for about 10 years.

            I was thinking of pepper spray or mace or whatever they use nowadays… anyone with any real experience of these might tell me which is most effective, and which tends to float back on you and incapacitate you, etc.

            • i would make them my slave, doing real tough-guy stuff like digging ditches and fixing roofs, gardens, roads, and septic systems

              That sounds good. And at all times, even when they’re up on the roof pounding, or out in the garden digging, they should be wearing a holster with a can of rat spray in it to protect you from any possible invaders.

  • OBAD??

    Like the dentist named paine

  • incidents like this are why i never investigate a noise in the night without a good flashlight and a loaded pistol. you never know what you might encounter.

  • Did this jerk know the victims or was this a random ripoff attempt?

  • wonder as well-the new norm-in a pinch,oven cleaner spray-

  • Laura,,,..This is just one of the many very good reason why we have a Second Amendment. Had the wife had a pistol upstairs, with proper training, the home invader would never have gotten the chance to shoot her husband in the head. Training with your weapon and familiarzation with your weapon is vital to being successful because you rarely get more than one chance.

    A non-lethal response with bug sprays, ect can work in a few situations. Find one that comes out in a solid flow not a spray. Ace Hardware (Carig pointed it out for me) sell a foaming wasp and hornet spray at a good price and sprays out to 20 feet before faoning. Try keeping a can by your entry doors. Front seat of your vehicle, ect. Trying to shoot a moving target in the leg or arm is virtually impossible because it’s a very fluid situation. They’re a moving target. You want to aim for the head or shoulders only.

    Now if a home invader enters your home but they can’t see you try yelling “I have a gun and will use it”. That works occasionally. Or you can shout that warning again. If they still keep coming and you won’t shoot the invader, then fire a shot into a safe direction IE the floor, ceiling. If that doesn’t get their attention you’ll have to run off and hide or end up laying in a pool of your own blood.

    For me, if I were upstairs and someone shot my wife in the head, I wouldn’t care if it was one of the neighbor kids having a bad day. If you don’t stop them someone will be next. These punks kill you now days for a lousy OZ of weed.

    • Do we actually still have a second amendment? If so, for how long? Many of our other constitutional rights are disappearing quickly. Citizens wishing to exercise their 1st Amendment rights were relegated to barbed-wire-enclosed ‘Free Speech Areas’ by GW Bush, and this never went away with the termination of that administration. (This was reiterated by LA’s top cop just yesterday.) The Fourth Amendment has also been breached, for many, in the aftermath of 9-11, as has the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and the Eighth.

      It used to be said that when the 2nd Amendment is taken away, so goes all of our other rights. But the right to bear arms is fast becoming the last one standing. But the 2nd is being infringed as well – as evidenced in the recent ATF memo claiming it is illegal for registered medical-cannabis users to own or possess firearms or ammunition.

      Please do protect yourselves by whatever means necessary. I’m just sayin’…

  • Try W-D 40 with a lighter in front of the spray, It is just like a blow torch,and the W-D sticks and keeps burning for about 7-9 seconds, Aim for the face so they cannot see where you are. Repeat process as often as necessary.

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