Humboldt Buds With Jorge Cervantes




  • Fun video Jorge. Keep em coming.

  • Beautiful garden, good video footage, and a friendly, well-spoken, and welcoming host. Nice job, Jorge. Very well done!

  • Grinning and blabbering, and excitedly waving his arms about, a bozo wearing a t-shirt sporting his own picture leads the way. Suzy follows, i figure that even though he has that greasy used car salesman smile, and he hides his eyes behind dark glasses, at least he cant pat me on the back as he shows me around the lot. He talks with great wisdom about the sacred herb, “see this hot item, its blue dream, very popular this season.” And with expertise about growing conditions and genetic potential, “the buds are smaller this year, but theres more of them” … Really really cutting edge stuff.

  • Gotta agree with Suzy…I didn’t find anything particularly new or interesting in this video. Basically, if I caught the drift of it, they grew fewer plants this year, but expected about the same yield because they were larger plants in wider beds. And apparently they were bushier, so they got smaller buds, but more of them. Not exactly unprecedented stuff. Yawn.

  • The audacity of Jorge to wear sunglasses and a hat the bright sunlight.

  • If he didn’t wear sunglasses, I suppose he’d have to change his shirt!

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