Missing 16 Year Old Girl


UPDATE:  Diana Totten is reporting that Cybele has been in touch with her father. ( Good news for all this holiday weekend.)

Sixteen year old Cybele Roland-Holst has been out of touch with her family since November 16th.  The Berkeley resident was last in touch with her family while she was in Arcata.  She, however, was reported seen in Southern Humboldt more recently.  Her father has been in the area placing missing posters.  She hasn’t been answering her phone and her family is very concerned.  She has blonde hair and brown eyes.  She is 5′ 7″ and 120 pounds with dreads and a lip ring. If you have seen her, contact her father at email: dwrh@yahoo.com

UPDATE: A poster for copying and distributing below.



  • Lots of nasty stuff goes on in humboldt and in arcata. People want to pretend that humboldt is a peaceful hippie wonderland. Many predators in the woods, even more on the plaza….they don’t mess around. Hope they find her, time is of the essence.

  • No doubt she was on the search for some good weed and got caught up with the wrong crowd. I’d be interested on statistics regarding how many young people disappear in humboldt each year and how many disappearances have drug connections. Could be a good arguement for legalization. “Protect the Children. Legalize Now!”

    *sidenote. Child trafficking also takes place in Humboldt county and that cutie would no doubt bring a good price from some Arabian Prince.

  • I don’t think Humbold is any nastier than the rest of the world. The grocery stores in Garberville and Redway would be a good place to start looking and asking questions.

    • I was homeless in Humboldt for awhile, it has a very dark side and people keep it secret either from profit or fear.

    • Actually. In Cali Humboldt has more sex offenders than any other town or city in Cali. And wen they release any offenders in Cali there peroled to Humboldt. So think twice. Hate that place. Yukky

  • Humboldt is a lot nastier than some places. Other places are more open about it. Humboldt keeps it secret, and those who don’t know about it like to pretend it doesn’t exist. I hope they find this young girl alive and unharmed. My gut tells me a different story, however.

  • David Roland-Holst

    Thank you for your nightmare scenarios, as if I needed any more of these to deprive me of what little sleep I am getting…
    More welcome would be constructive suggestions and, best of all, first-hand information that could reunite my daughter with her family.

    • David, I want you to know that though the persistent belief is that there is more violence towards young people here that actually seems to be untrue. I just was talking with a man who has done a lot of research on this and he says that actually Southern Humboldt is lower than Humboldt as a whole which in turn is lower than California. I haven’t confirmed those statistics yet but I believe them. Hopefully, your daughter will be found.

      • Thank you Kym. Statistics, rather than nightmare scenarios would be good. Just to give an example, a young woman persisted in living on the front porch of the building where I work, in Redway for at least 2 months. While I cannot verify that absolutely nothing scary happened to her, she appeared safe, though disoriented, until her mother and sister arrived to take her home. By the way,, Deputy Hamilton was instrumental in making this happen. all in a caring, compassionate and humorous way. Good luck to the Holst family.

    • @David, if you are actually who you say you are….I sincerely hope the authorities find your daughter alive and well. I lived in Humboldt for awhile and I could tell you a lot of horror stories of trust fund kids and other affluent young people who went to live the hippie lifestyle for a bit and ended up in serious danger. Humboldt has a very dark side and people need to be aware of it. I prefer hard truth to fuzzy fantasy.

    • one suggestion for the poster– a contact phone number. that way if we are out in town and see her a phone call can be quickly placed. otherwise, time to find internet, or driving back to our homes to email, well that can take up to an hour.

      thinking positive thoughts for you and your family!

    • Blessings and prayers to you and your family. I hope Cybele is back with your family healthy and safe. I also want to let you know about “The Distance Healing Network” it is free and youcan recieve prayers and healing from all over the world. The link is http://www.the-dhn.com/

      Blessings, Denise

  • Yikes. Doug, if I were the hurting parents and I read your comment, I would be deeply affected. Maybe your gut feels something, but really, does your comment help the parents one bit?
    I pray the young lady is safe and well.

  • I am sending prayers for you and your family, David.

  • David, Kym’s blog is widely read in Humboldt and there are many wonderful and caring people here. We will look for your daughter and help you connect with her so you can know that she is alright. The above posts are only true in the smallest of percentages. Our prayers are with you and our eyes our looking.
    And dear sweet Cybele, should you see this, do give your dad a call and let him know you are OK.

  • @David, if you are actually who you say you are….I sincerely hope the authorities find your daughter alive and well. I lived in Humboldt for awhile and I could tell you a lot of horror stories of trust fund kids and other affluent young people who went to live the hippie lifestyle for a bit and ended up in serious danger. Humboldt has a very dark side and people need to be aware of it. I prefer hard truth to fuzzy fantasy.

  • I think it would be a good idea to have her poster at the Vet’s Hall Thanksgiving meal today. Alot of travelers will be there & if she’s around here they’d know. I would take her Pic there, but my printer is not working.
    To her family I hope she is found safe and well, & don’t let the negative nancys above get to you.

    • Diana told me that the Mateel food program had been contacted already so presumable someone has done this but if anyone reading this in town has time to run up with a photo to make sure, it couldn’t hurt and it might help. Let us know if you do it.

    • Also, SoHum Born, I’ll bet you will enjoy reading Harmony’s comments on your writing. She is currently pouring through them and falling in love and getting catharsis for her childhood growing up green.

  • Another thought would be to get posters to the rural stores and POs. Honeydew, Petrolia,
    Shelter Cove, Harris, Blocksburg, and Alderpoint. Possibly leave some at KMUD radio station in Redway and maybe the people coming in to do shows could get them out to theses places.
    Or maybe people coming to town to do shopping could just stop by and grab one. And my gut feeling is she’s just fine.

  • Carolyn Darlington

    My gut feeling is she is fine. There are lots of places (including where I live in Whitethorn) that do not have cell phone service. 8 days is a lifetime to a parent, but it can quickly go by without much thought to a teenager. I tortured my own parents the same way as a teenager, before cell phones. Our eyes are open looking for Cybele and the people I know in SoHum are kind and loving. You and Cybele are in my prayers for a speedy reunion.

    • I too, feel that she is fine.

    • Its so easy to be in hills there and forget about rest of world I was just there and spent a week in willowcreek went by so fast didn’t relize it had been a week. Plus all the Ppl u meet u just kinda loose track of outside world. My wishes are w u and her god bless.

  • Thank you, Kim, for making sure this young lady’s photograph and details are being shared with the Humboldt community. Salmon Creek/Miranda folks can now be paying close attention in the hope of spotting Cybele very soon. Please let us know when she has been located.

  • Printed in out and will be posted at Blocksburg PO today. Please try to help this family during this difficult time.

  • Up on some mountains days can turn into weeks, no cell service and no regard for time. She obviously came here for the hope of work like all the other drifters. Maybe her dreams came true and she meet a Humboldt baller who can employ her until next year. When the whiskey and nitrous tank runs out she might slip back into reality and remember to call her dad. I would not assume the worst case scenario right of the bat, she could easily be riding the gravy train to hippieville. If she is hanging out with older out of town drifting zombies then who knows where she went, maybe stuck out her thumb hoping to make it to the next scrode gathering. Keep your eyes on your children, the world is a nasty place.

    • I am born and raised, and completely disagree with all of you trying to scare this poor family. If I had a child missing I would prefer it be in these hills then in any big city in the country. This area is safe and full of good people. Probably no cell service, and busy working. Good luck. She will be found safe and sound

  • I can’t believe the mean-spirited nature of a few of the people who posted comments in this thread. Apparently these individuals are so invested in their hatred that they just couldn’t wait to use this missing girl incident to justify their twisted, cynical view of this community.

    It’s bad enough when people like this use an actual tragedy to unleash their vitriol, but in this case they haven’t even waited to find out whether anything really bad has actually happened. I guess their obsessive need to focus on the worst case scenarios outweighs any concerns they might have had about needlessly worrying the girl’s family. What a sickening display of uncaring, egotistical selfishness.

    Meanwhile, big thanks to Kym and kudos to those readers and commenters who reacted to this story with compassion, and by resolving to be on the lookout for this girl, to print out and put up the “missing” posters, etc.

    To her parents, I would just like to let you know that I will be keeping an eye out for your daughter, and I have no doubt whatsoever that many other good folks here in Humboldt are dong likewise. I hope you get good news soon.

  • I don’t think anyone has been mean-spirited. Realistic and honest. Yes, Humboldt has quite a few kind and caring people (it’s one of the things that drew me here), but to ignore it’s very dark side is delusional and perhaps dangerous. I think everyone on here wishes for the girl’s safe return. I know I do. But to think everything in Humboldt is roses is far from helpful, too.

    • Speculating about highly unlikely worst case scenarios, such as NB’s child trafficking / Arabian prince scenario, does nothing to help find this girl. At best, it’s gratuitous and thoughless, and at worst, just really cruel.

      • Yeah no crap…. Child trafficking… Are u F-ing kidding me? What a joke, that’s the most ridiculous thing Ive heard all week, and I’ve heard some stupid s&@t!

  • So….. Mr. Bravo. You seem to be very excited by this situation. If you have knowledge of trafficking in Humboldt, I would think there would be some people interested in knowing what you know. Myself included. Are you going to tell us about the Mexican threat? Cat’s out of the bag now Nick. If I were you I would STF and go away. Or are you the one in a million that will point the finger? If you are not prepared to do that, quit saying things to scare hell out of people, and hope someone doesn’t drop your name.

  • Look I also disagree with Mr. Bravo’s statement, and I know in the passion to defend someone it is hard to always speak calmly but please try to speak like your old grandma is reading this. Disagreement is just fine but as much as possible please keep conversation civil. (Brought to you by your moment of zen in the hills…)

  • Fiance here: About 4 years ago I did a comparison between Humboldt and Las Vegas after I found out my stepdaughters best friend (then 12) lost her virginity to a guy named Charlie in Redway. The girl was upset and threatening to do harm to her self. Humboldt has more sex registered sex offenders per capita than Las Vegas. There was a registered sex offender in Redway named Charlie. I was worried about this girl and tried to contact her mother. She did not respond. A little later on I was able to talk to her mother and we discussed her daughters self mutilation and she brushed if off. She didn’t want to hear anything else. They come there (the sex offenders), and disappear into the woods and go off the grid. They are protected because of the code of silence, no one wants to make waves because of all the illegal activity in your hills. Your children are easy targets. These guys become growers and ingrain themselves into the community. They gain trust and access to your children and you trust them when you shouldn’t. I promise you before every one of my stepdaughters visits I check our sex offender registry for my area. All of my neighbors and everyone close that might have come in contact with her….Do you all do the same. Of course most don’t register, they simply go off the grid and make plenty of money growing.

    I am not trying to scare this girls father, I hope for the best and that she is with trustworthy people. 16 year olds are easily influenced and those predators know which buttons to push to get that trust.

    This girl reminds me of my stepdaughter, its scares me that she has not been found yet. I pray for her and her family that she is ok.

    • Your children are easy targets. These guys become growers and ingrain themselves into the community. They gain trust and access to your children and you trust them when you shouldn’t.

      -hopefully Cybele isn’t being assaulted with a “moment of zen” by one of soHum’s local violent chauvinist gurus.

  • You must read the Eureka page http://www.topix.com/forum/city/eureka-ca

    It’s really getting scary with racism and drugs popping up every day and people missing.

  • I printed her photo out and put it on our counter at Radio Shack. Her face looks familiar, but then she looks like all sixteen-year girls. I think that she is probably okay, but I understand, that is smalll consolation to a fretting family member. I hope everything turns out okay, and twenty years from now the whole family will look back and laugh about this.

  • I put a poster up at Petrolia, and posted on Facebook. I do wonder if it’s not just a girl who’s found a good gig in a place without internet or cell phones… and doesn’t realize what loving friends and family go through when they don’t know what’s up. Or sometimes kids are really pissed off at their folks and don’t intend to be in touch at all. I guess her Dad would know if this is in character or not, and in keeping with their recent relations.

  • One thing I’ve learned from vast experience is that things are not often as they seem and speculation is more often wrong than right. In other words, she could be happy in Vancouver, taken a trip to Paris, or is on her way home right now. I agree with the most likely scenario that she has lost track of time and is without cell service. But we don’t know.

    Putting out scary scenarios serves no functional purpose unless someone has an actual lead. And the dark side of our area = Nick Bravo. His darkness and insensitivity is breathtaking. To question if David “is who he says he is” represents the height of hypocrisy since… Nick Bravo is not who he says he is.

    David, I’d check with the kids at DeMulling Park in front of Ace Hardware as well as the other “travelers” and transients who hang in our area. And a reward for them in particular could go a long way in finding your precious girl. That is a likely place to find hard evidence, meaning eyewitnesses.

    So yes, David, we’ll keep an eye and ear out for her. And some like the noble Ernie, will print posters for town. David, the people you will meet in person will be much more helpful than those on the blogosphere, so don’t take the mean spirited stuff personally. And yes, Kym, there is no question that mean-spiritedness and cruelty appear on this thread. To be helpful, I agree that those who know so much about this “dark side” should approach David personally and direct him to those areas they say they know so much about. THAT would be helpful.

    I pray for your daughter’s safe return.

  • SoHum Awareness
    Missing girl, Cybele Roland Holst has been found safe.

  • This is wonderful news, both for the family, and for our local communities.
    We care.
    Young ladies, and everyone else with concerned people wondering what’s up… call home!
    Thanks, Kym.

  • I have spoken to Diana myself and she spoke to the father so I feel 100% confident that it is true. I had sent an email to the dad hoping for confirmation before I published it but really I don’t know why–Diana is a great source.

  • Fiance: That is great news, glad it turned out well for her and her family.

  • cool-now about the dark side behind the redwood curtain-thanks all

  • Great news that she is safe and sound. Now absolutely no hitch hiking or trimming for hillbillies.

  • Good! Happy news and a happier holiday, Cybelle and the Roland-Holst family. We’re glad the frightening worry and horrible wait is over, and it turned out well.

  • I’m glad that she is safe, but if she was my daughter we would be in a marathon discussion about now……

  • David Roland-Holst


    I am very, very happy to let you know that my daughter Cybele is home and safe now. To all those who gave us useful information and emotional support through this ordeal, please accept our heartfelt gratitude and blessings. To those who thought we somehow needed more reasons to be fearful, I can only offer pity for such ignorance of human nature and spiritual desolation. Please just slip back beneath the surface of your own dark dreams.

    As Oscar Wilde said, “We may all be lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” When its dark outside, keep your eyes on those stars.

    Thank you,

  • David Roland-Holst

    Bless you Kim, for what you are doing. I know many do, but a little more…

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