Sheriff Announces a Community Response Tip Line

Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey is pleased to announce a Community Response Unit and Crime Tip Line. The Community Response Unit (C.R.U.) is a unit consisting of a sheriff sergeant and two deputies who work with  communities and their specific issues. These issues can be a range of criminal activity such as drug dealing, wanted suspects, homeless issues, residential or vehicle burglaries details, etc.

The Sheriffs Office is also establishing a Tip Line, where citizens can call in tips on criminal activity and/ or locations of wanted suspects. Citizens are encouraged to leave their name and contact number on the Sheriff’s Tip line; however anonymous information will also be accepted by the Sheriffs Office.

The Sheriffs Tip line number is 707-268-2539.



  • Rat-Line. Fink on your neighbors!! This is trickle-down from Big-Sis-Napoltano’s homeland security, TSA, NAZI-look-a-like department. Turning ordinary citizens into junior-brown-shirts.

    • Tonebone,
      I totally agree. I mean, I should care about what a criminal parasite setting up a ‘tip line’ does? It’s NOT what THEY do, it’s what we do. THEY are only the 5+ percent, and crumbling down. Any one of us who chooses to continue clinging to the out-dated genocide system is a fundamental threat to survival.

    • I totally agree too. downeys a Nazi pig.

  • I wonder if they will pass out FRN’s to those who call?

  • Since when has Homelessness been a criminal avtivity?

    • The Democrat Roosevelt in 1930 set in place the vagrancy laws ,To deal with the homeless during the great depression. Under that system you could go to jail for
      ” no visible means of support ” it was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court during Pres. Eisenhower’s term in office. So it could happen again under another liberal administration. We need to watch government, and Greeks bearing gifts.

  • This is what happens when big government takes over, People are duped by the free giveaways like health care, More social benefits etc. By voting in these Liberal big spending politicians we doom ourselves. Vote Obama and his henchmen out of office,unless you want more. Look at Cuba, they have a snitch system set up in every neighborhood, If they don`t snitch they loose their benefits. No soup for you.

    • THEY ALL MUST GO, and it’s going to take more than voting.

    • That is the exact reason for the open borders. A steady stream of welfare-state-voters coming from Mexico ensure a large voting block for the left-wing of the oligarchy.

      But back on topic: Everything’s a crime now. Even if you become impatient at the airport because your only choice is to be groped or X-Rayed, if you show disgust you will find yourself hustled back into an office and questioned against your will.

      So much for the 4th amendment.

      The comments here do give me hope though 🙂

  • How about a tip line to report cops that commit criminal activity like throwing people down and breaking their ribs or spraying them with pepper spray or beating the shit out of them . 1-800-728-7447 (rat pigs)

  • Everyone I know has a neighbor that should be turned in. Either for spilling diesel, or driving drunk every day, or running a 40kw generator 24 hours a day and not caring about the noise, Or abusing their spouse, or driving with a 9mm under their seat. That’s just my neighborhood, off the top of my head. Hows your neighborhood?
    This is just a cost reducing strategy by the HumCo sheriff’s dept to cut costs and pretend we still have “peace Officers” on duty for every taxpayer in every neighborhood, which we don’t. Its still the “wild west” out here.

    • “cost cutting strategy”?

      You need to stand way back from the picture. Turn off your TV. A good place to start learning why the sheriff did this, look to articles written Paul Joseph Watson and many many others.

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