What Happens When the Bermuda Triangle Meets the Emerald Triangle?

Well, nobody know exactly but it is probably something like this:

A plane filled with marijuana landed on the runway the Houston Executive Airport Monday night.

Police surrounded the area near the Waller County airport as the small twin engine plane sat in the middle of a runway having sustained minor damage.

Before the landing, the planes operators would not talk to the airport tower controllers. Once it arrived, the nose gear collapsed. No pilot was found on the plane.

UPDATE: more info here.



  • That’s rather odd.

  • This has happened before. In the 1970s working as a news photographer I was called out to photograph a DC3 that landed at Lovell Field Chattanooga, TN in the night, taxied to an unlit portion of the field and was abandoned by the crew. It was full of a ton of uncut cocaine. It had been on it’s way from Colombia to a private airstrip in the mountains and the Feds said the pilots could not find it in the dark, were low on fuel, so they had to land it at the municipal airport and run for it before the cops came.

  • Most likely a remote control plane filled with shadow government gear to sell on the streets of the states. Remote control has been around for sometime, even navy ships can sail the seas with nobody onboard- all by remote control.
    Maybe the “jets” on 9/11 if they weren’t missiles had been remote control shadow government tools.
    The gulf area used to have much seedy traffic, and having lived in Florida back during the Miami Vice Era even stumbled on a bale of “sea-weed” once. I would have thought that it’s easier for shadow types to just go to a mmj state and rip off storefronts instead of flying things in, but old habits die hard.

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