Klamath Whales May Be In Trouble


According to the Record Searchlight, the whale and her calf swimming in the Klamath River may be in trouble.In the video above the mother blows water which forms a rainbow over her calf but she may need more than whale magic to protect the baby.  Humans may have to intervene.

A gray whale and her calf have been in the Klamath River for nearly a month, and wildlife experts are fearful that their health is in danger.

The 45-foot female and 15-foot calf entered the river June 28 and have swam three miles up to where Highway 101 crosses the river.

Both whales have become emaciated and are no longer looking healthy, said Special Agent Tim Broadman of the Protected Resources Division of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Five Agencies have been meeting to discuss how best to deal with the whales.  Currently, they are thinking of herding the whales back to the ocean possibly with a fire hose boat or with loud sounds.




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