The Times Standard Talks Business With The Humboldt Growers Association

Kristin Nevedal

The Times Standard has a thoughtful piece on the Humboldt Growers Association (HGA).  Take time to read it if you want to stay up with what is happening in Humboldt’s Cannabis political world. Here is a short excerpt.

”Humboldt County is a producing county, and wanting to hone that and trying to create some rights for farmers is really important to us,” [Kristin Nevedal, HGA’s Vice President ] said.

After a year of lobbying local and state legislators, the Humboldt Growers Association is expanding. The nonprofit launched its membership drive earlier this month and has been tabling at events for exposure. Additionally, it’s the sponsor of Dell’Arte’s cannabis-themed musical — “Mary Jane: the Musical” — which opened Thursday night.

”We have learned a lot about county politics and public policy along the way and have gotten a lot of support and input from key stakeholders in the industry locally and statewide,” President Joey Burger wrote in an email to the Times-Standard. “It has taken time to get our organization up to speed, and we are now ready to expand our membership and, as a medical cannabis trade association, share our resources with the rest of the community. It is only through the support of our members and community that we can ensure Humboldt is a leader in this growing industry.”

A second story also is very important.


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