Humboldt's Bonnie and Clyde? Couple Sought for Robbery



A press release from the HCSO gives more details from a story they released yesterday:

On 06-24-2011, approximately 6:45 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a 40-year-old female who said her boyfriend 40-year-old was kidnapped and being driven around the Cutten area in a red van. Deputies responded to the Cutten area of Eureka to look for the suspect vehicle. While enroute to the scene, deputies learned the victim was able to get away from the kidnappers, and was located at the corner of Campton and Walnut Drive, Eureka. Medical was also summoned and was on scene treating the victim for head injuries sustained during the kidnapping. Deputies interviewed the victim and witness, and learned the suspect’s identities were Chandler Ryan Nelson, 37 years old of Eureka, and Ginger Alexis Howard, 32 of Eureka. A Be-On-Lookout was broadcast for both suspects to local law enforcement agencies.

After interviewing the victim and witness, deputies learned the victim and witness knew the suspects. The victim and witness had voluntarily entered into the suspect’s vehicle at Sequoia Park in Eureka. After driving to the Cutten area, the witness voluntarily exited the suspect’s vehicle to buy cigarettes. As soon as she exited the vehicle, the suspects drove away leaving her behind. Nelson then struck the victim in the head with a large metal flashlight, causing a head injury. Nelson then demanded his cell phone back from the victim. The suspects drove the victim around the Cutten area while continuing to make the demand, at one point brandishing a knife at the victim. When the suspects pulled over to the side of the road, the victim was able to exit the vehicle.

On 06-25-2011, approximately 0100 a.m. deputies located the red van on Harrison Avenue, Eureka in the 1800 Block. Deputies found items in the vehicle consistent with the victim’s statement, but did not locate either suspect. The victim was treated and released at a local hospital.

The suspects:

Chandler Ryan Nelson, 37 years, of Eureka, 6-2 tall, 165 lbs, White Male Black Hair, Blue Eyes

Ginger Alexis Howard, 32 years, of Eureka, 5-2 tall, 115 lbs, Strawberry Blond Hair, Green Eyes

Anyone with information regarding this case or the suspect’s whereabouts is requested to contact the Humboldt County Sheriffs Office, 707-445-7251

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  • It’s weird how many details are left out. I mean, I know why the authorities release info and what the press release’s purpose is. And I know the reason they withhold details, but the odd collection of details they do include always leaves so much room for readers to be baffled.

    Why did the victim & witness get in the car? Why did the victim have the suspect’s cellphone in the first place? What part do illegal drugs play in this whole scenario? In other words, what was everyone’s motivation?

    The answer is probably that the victim and witness have a few legal things to answer for as well, none of which the authorities want to go public with while they attempt to locate the suspects.


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