Shooting at the Miranda Bridge…Again

The Miranda Bridge, a favorite local swimming hole, is again the scene of gun activity.  Yesterday evening, locals report there was a large party at the bridge.  A fight broke out.  One gentleman fired a 40 caliber glock into the river. He was arrested.  I have a request in for more information.

This place has always been a local gathering place but the last month has made it seem dangerous. A mere two weeks ago, a Eureka man was shot at there after confronting a Miranda man about his alleged animal abuse.



  • Is this man in jail now? Why is it that we know that it was a 40 cal Glock? Maybe he did it to save somebodies life. Maybe things are getting out of hand because they think that the sheriff’s department is too underfunded to deal with the lawlessness.

  • Ernie, Lt. Knight emailed me that it was “an argument with shots fired but no one hit. There was an arrest.” He says he’ll try to send more details tomorrow after the officers file their reports.

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