Animals Need Your Help Coming Out of the Cold

Life on the streets is hard for animals.  The Humboldt County Animal shelter does what they can to bring animals out of the cold and into loving homes.  While the animals are at the shelter, they need a variety of services.  The Humboldt County Animal Shelter is asking for volunteers to help walk the dogs, show animals to the public, to do laundry and help with maintenance.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please come by the shelter at 980 Lycoming Avenue, Mckinleyville, and fill out an application. If you have questions, please contact Sergeant Kym Thompson at (707) 840-9132. We got our dog at the shelter and were very impressed with the dedication of the volunteers.  They were very helpful.



  • Side note: You must be 18-years-or-older to volunteer at the county shelter, for insurance reasons. Accompanying your child isn’t good enough. However, you can involve your children by doing a donation drive. Call ahead to ask about the types of things they need. It may be a county-run shelter, but think of it like a library or public school — it suffers from budgetary hardships too.

  • Expressive photo. There are lots of feral cats running around soHum. But one has to key your awareness to it, and look carefully, You probably won’t see any from your car. I saw one looking at me from the weeds outside my garden fence a couple of years ago, but when I approached it, he ran. I started leaving a bowl of catfood at the spot outside the fence and I watched from the house as he came to eat it each day for a week. I moved the bowl inside the fence, Each day I kept moving it closer and closer to the house, and eventually I had him come to the porch to eat. After several weeks, he started letting me get near him, and then he started rubbing up against my legs, and one day he let me bend down and touch him. Long story short, we bonded … and I was able to take him in to the vet and have him fixed. The vet said that he was about three years old, and that it was likely that he was feral since birth. Two good things, he won’t sire any more wild cats … and I have a good friend. He still won’t come into the house although I have hopes that he may some day . . . but he comes regularly to the porch. He sleeps in the greenhouse and spends a lot of time on the roof. He rolls around on his back on the ground and I scratch him around the ears and chin. He’s even let me brush his hair. He’s a lucky one. He’s found a home.

    I have another cat that came in from the woods too, she arrived one stormy morning. I saw her squatting in the yard under a whitethorn bush, I bent over and blinked at her and she came out from the bush, skinny and walking on three legs. She moved right in. Her side was injured and the vet told me that it looked like she’d been hit be a car. She limped for about a month but has totally healed and is now doing great. As I type this I am looking out the window at the two of them lounging next to each other on the deck.

    There could be a cat who needs a home who’s even closer than you think.

  • Ahhhhh
    … thanks for being… you…and lovingkind to us animals.

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