Trintiy Sheriff Still Closed Mouthed on Kettenpom Murders

Kristin Constantino, Sky Richardson, and Tomas Gouverneur

In spite of every effort by the local Redding paper to gather information from the Trinity Co. Sheriff’s Dept. very little information has been released on the Kettenpom murders which occurred over 2 months ago. When Kristin Constantino and Sky Richardson were murdered last March and their helpful neighbors the Gunds terribly injured, the death of their alleged attacker seemed to signal that the information available would be quickly offered to the public but a possible lawsuit by the Gunds against the Trinity Sheriff Dept. has apparently caused the Department to move cautiously.(an account given by Mr. Gund’s daughter on my blog says that the Trinity Co. Sheriff’s Deputy asked the Gunds to go check on their neighbor–though the Sheriff’s Dept. denies this.)  In April, the Department denied a public records request by The Record Searchlight for “911 tapes, dispatch transcripts, investigative documents and autopsy reports…”

Just recently, Ryan Sabalow of the Record Searchlight examined a  few more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that have been reluctantly laid on the table by the Trinity Sheriff’s Dept. The highlights include

  • Neither the toxicology reports for the assumed murderer Tomas Gouverneur nor his presumed victims Sky Richardson and Kristin Constantino showed evidence of drugs in their systems.
  • Two search warrants were filed but not in Trinity County

For a full review of the case go here.



  • Kym
    There was more information about what actually happened on your blog than any news service, or from any public agency. It has long been my contention that more crime would be solved if more information was made available to the public.

    I’m reminded of how many years that they tried to apprehend “The Uni-bomber”. He went on to kill many people, and he steadfastly requested that his “Manifesto” be printed. Upon the threat of another bombing the police finally allowed the printing to happen. Numerous people recognized his ramblings and his brother turned Ted Kaczynski (The Un-bomber) in.

    Of course, the Kettenpom murder solved itself, but there still seems to be a stonewall on information. The facts will have to come out sooner or later. I’m not sure what the public has a right to know, but I can’t help but think that having the truth out there would be the best policy.

    • Ernie, I don’t understand why in our society we honor truth and then hide so much of it. I can understand how there might be times when facts need to be kept hidden in order to use them to verify things later but I can’t help but believe like you that if more people had access to the information, they’d understand what information they had that might be helpful. Also more people would ask questions and offer theories that might be helpful.

  • I just wish we knew why, it’s so hard with out answers :0(

  • It would appear that a lawsuit has been filed against the Sheriff’s Department over this.

    • Thanks for the info, Scottflowers. I was wondering whether this might happen. It will be interesting to see what comes out in court (assuming Trinity County and their insurer don’t settle with the Gunds before trial).

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