Trinity River Tragedy Doesn't Deter Chinese Students From Goal of Attending HSU

A Humboldt Co. musician teaching English in China, Josephine Johnson, says that the tragedy of Jian Kang, the Humboldt State University student who was swept away by the Trinity River yesterday has students at her school talking. She says in an email:

 Just wanted to say thank you for posting the story about Jian Kang. Though he is not affiliated with the Humboldt College program in which I teach, all of us–students and colleagues–at Xi’an International Studies University are greatly saddened by this tragedy. This morning Dean Mary Stuart spoke with our students and emphasized that though Humboldt is resplendent with natural beauty, the rivers, forest, and ocean must always be respected for their power and potential for taking human life. The students, though, remain keen on attending Humboldt State this fall.


You can read about Josephine and her students here at her blog.(There is a wonderful story on the latest post by one of her students.)


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