Free National Parks Day


June 21st, the first day of summer, is also Free National Park Day. Get into any National Park without paying a fee.  “In addition to the first day of summer, National Parks will also be fee free on September 24 (Public Lands Day) and from November 11 – 13 (Veterans Day weekend) this year.”



  • It’s a good deal if you’re near a national park, to make a day trip (camping fees still apply). So, we save $5 at Whiskeytown, but Redwood National doesn’t have an admission fee, so no change… and if you want to get into the state parks located within Redwood National, it looks like fees still apply.

  • I think that they should make ALL national and state parks into FREE homeless camps. Water, sewer, and showers should also be free. I’m a taxpayer and I am all for it. They should stop hoarding all of that land. It was donated in the first place, so it should remain free! Where is the humanity? Human beings shouldn’t have to live like rats in the sewers!

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