FBI Collaborates with Sheriff to Arrest Machado on Charges of Producing and Distributing Child Pornography

UPDATE: Informative piece in the Times Standard.
Last July, Cole Machado, well-known in Humboldt County political circles was arrested on child pornography charges.   Today the FBI was involved with his arrest again on charges of Production and Distribution of Child Pornography.  Here is the Sheriff’s Office Press Release:

On 06-15-2011 at about 0730 hours the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office assisted the
FBI with the arrest of Cole Jack Machado age 25 at his residence located in the 1800
Block of Quaker Street, Eureka. Machado was arrested on a no bail, Federal Arrest
Warrant that was issued out of the United States District Court, Eastern District of
Virginia. Machado is charged with Production and Distribution of Child Pornography.

Machado was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility and is expected
to be arraigned on the above listed charges in Federal Court in Eureka later today.



  • It is proven that sexual perversions are incurable. In fact, all sexual attractions are unchangeable. Those of us that can function “normally” in today’s society are very, very lucky.

    Some tribes in the Amazon jungle normally engage in what we would call “child sexual abuse”. Maybe the authorities could ship child perverted people to the middle of the South American Jungle.

    • Ernie,
      Please (oh please) clarify this post.

      Surely you don’t mean to imply that it is ok to engage in this sort of behavior, as long as it isn’t in our community…?

      • Lynette
        Please accept my apology for being so clumsy as to imply that child molestation would in anyway be acceptable behavior. I just couldn’t get over the gleeful thought of confining these monsters to the kind of primitive society in which they belong.

        Now watch me wade in deeper. There have been, up until the recent past, societies where cannibalism was condoned and thought to be acceptable behavior. That doesn’t mean that we should condone or accept it in today’s world. However, science tells us that cannibalism is easier to cure that child directed perversions.

        The only sure cure for child directed perversions is containment, as many of them will tell you themselves. Child molesters often warn prison officials not to release them, because they know that they will ultimately harm a child again if they are released.

  • Kim, are these new charges or was he taken in for the charges several months back when he was first arrested?

  • I wonder what Ernie Branscomb’s “incurable” excuse is?

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