Some Unrelated But Interesting News

Here is a collection of North Coast news items I’m following.

1) The Big Bust

This picture came from a huge bust north of Arcata (isn’t the room strange?  What are those brown boxlike cupboards on the wall? Also the buds appear to have a lot of red in them.)  495 pounds of pot were seized as well as around 300 plants. The press release states that the pot has a street value of 1.5 million which works out to around $3000 per pound which is $187 per ounce (According to High Times’ May analysis this puts it at the cheap end of sale by ounces. It puts it at the high end of sale per pound though.)

The Times Standard notes today that the two people arrested are Amber Zo Jamieson, 28 who is the office manager for EPIC and James Shelton a “local glass artist.” Sgt Wayne Hanson also noted that there are expected to be more arrests. He also indicated the impressive size of this bust by noting, “I cannot remember ever finding that many one-pound bags of marijuana in one place.”

2) Tough Little Girl

A Willow Creek child becomes only the third person to survive rabies without the vaccine.  Her story is impressive.

3) Explosive Device Closes Mendocino Beach

An explosive device believed to be a WWII depth charge washed up near the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse yesterday.  The  beach had to be evacuated and the Sonoma County bomb squad was called. See here and here for more info.

UPDATE: No Big Bang  (thanks to OnlyInMendocino)

4) The Humboldt Growers Association Opens to New Members

The HGA announced today that it is beginning its first membership drive ever.

“The HGA is a non-profit, member-based business association that promotes the sustainable cultivation of medical cannabis in Humboldt County. For more information about the HGA, please visit the website or email .”

5) Fire inspections in Whitethorn

“The inspectors will be in uniform and driving a marked CAL FIRE pickup.” See more here.



  • Looks like an office conference room. Those boxes on the wall resemble whiteboard cabinets that I’ve used at different workplaces.

  • Perhaps the boxes on the walls are covering what used to be windows?

  • charlie two crows

    Maybe EPIC has found a new way to raise money.

  • I don’t get why they are burying the stuff these days, what happened to the big burn? There is a good possibility that someone will leak it or find out the site and dig it up. Wonder if a global warming or forest fire issue was raised or the law enf. people were getting too close to the smoke and over-inhaling

    The amount on hand in this case was a clear over-grow commerical operation and had the the feds full attention. Reminds me of the old days of outdoor grows and Camp hovering over Elk Ridge. Back then the feds were all over the ridge and even the local S.O. was actively using property seizure as a tool. Today, things are on a much smaller scale and the ridge much more quiet and peaceful. Glad the city growers are the new commercial growers.

  • charlie two crows

    Kym, curious about the value. Vegas Metro Police reports on TV the local price per pound for Nor Cal weed is $6600.00

    • Well, outdoor up here is selling for $1400-$1900 from the grower to the middleman (with occasional panic dips to $900 last December). Indoor is going from $2400 -$3000. If prices are really that high in Vegas, then certainly transporting weed is a more lucrative business than I realized. You would expect that kind of price hike across country but not across the state.

  • you know that big ivy covered building in Fortuna, there on the other end of the straight stretch from Safeway and on the other side ? very near the “ACE” on south Fortuna boulevard, well the feds now own it…..maybe that is where the pic was taken, as far as I know this is their 1st restate office building purchase here locally,,,

  • Love the story about little Precious

    • Her name and her will to live will make her unforgettable.

      • and I know you won’t do anything to help the situation…..thanks Kym, with a Y.

        • David,
          On this site, I ask folk to be civil and minimize the swearing or insults. I don’t mind disagreement. I just find folk shut down when they are accused or insulted. A lot of growers read and comment here. I encourage that. Accusations of someone being a grower would discourage that. For those reasons, I censored two of your comments. If you want to email me about that, my email is

          If you haven’t been reading long, you might not realize that it is my job to be knowledgeable about marijuana. I do freelance writing and photography for various magazines–many of them pot related. I grew up in Southern Humboldt which is like a college degree in cannabis if you pay attention.

        • By the way, how would you like me to help Precious?

  • Finace here:

    I assure you it isn’t over $6K a lb here. That is a way high (pardon my pun) esitimate. By the ounce it’s about $200 on the street. Maybe by the 1/8th at the “store” its that high but no…..not by the pound.

  • charlie two crows

    Sorry I didn’t make myself clear. The price per pound of $6600 is Vegas street retail. As quoted by Vegas metro police.

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