Scotch Broom and Sunshine

Sunshine, Scotch Broom and temperatures in the seventies until at least the seventeenth—Spring, oh glorious Spring is here at last !

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Scotch broom makes it look like the sun is shining even in the rain. I think that is one of the things that I like most about it, it’s cheerfulness cuts the gloom.

    • Boy, oh boy is the Scotch Broom ever explosive this year. Driving to Portland it was all over the hills. Amazing.

  • I heard that scotch broom can be tough on a person’s allergies. Do you know if that’s true or a folk tale?

    • I believe I heard the same thing. Yet I did some work for a guy down in Miranda about 18 years ago clearing scotch broom from some lots he was selling.

      I tend to suffer from allergies of one kind or another year round, but didn’t see to get any particular problem from the scotch broom. But that could have been because I ended up with a major case of poison oak after that job so I might not have noticed it.

  • I love Scotch Broom even though I know it’s non-native and invasive. It’s spread all over the hills outside Nevada City, too. One year I visited relatives there, and it happened to be my niece’s birthday, as well as the weekend she was moving into her first apartment. I bought her a beautiful vase and filled it with Scotch Broom. She said, “Thank you for the vase, but why did you fill it with weeds?”

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