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I found myself thinking about the recent controversy around the port a-pottie at the Veterans Park in Garberville, while stuck, at Dazey’s Garden Center, behind a 20 something kid who was getting 60 bags of chicken manure packed into his late model SUV (60 bags of chicken shit: $300, the aroma that lingers for the life of the vehicle: priceless). This prompted me to look at the problem economically.

The paragraph above wasn’t written by me but by a fellow named John Hardin who describes himself as “One sick individual, infected with the English language and oozing puss into cyberspace.”  His blog, The Tin Can Luminary, just tackled the politics of poop in SoHum.  He adds

People around here spend a lot of money on shit. A 5 gallon bucket of bat guano sells for over $80 retail, and and we import it, by the semi-truck load, almost daily. There’s serious money in manure around here. So, if SoHum gardeners spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars on shit, why is it so hard to find a place to take a dump around here?

He then suggests we pay folks to poop in porta potties so we can sell the manure….  Hey, it’s his idea not mine.  His piece is well worth the read.


Photo borrowed from the Tin Can Luminary


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