Not For the Faint of Heart

Have you read Jendocino, a blogger out of (where else) Mendocino?  If not, take a moment and read her latest ramble on dead flesh, art, and humor.  You won’t regret it.


Photo stolen from her post.



  • interesting post – not too gross, and funny at the end. I almost went to see one of the cadaver displays a while back: We’d stopped at Turtle Bay over in Redding to see the magnificent bridge, and it was so damned hot out we had to seek refuge somewhere with AC. The museum there had the traveling Bodies exhibit and we probably would have gone, but they were charging something like $35 apiece to enter, a bit too much to gawk at a bunch of corpses. We settled for ice cold beer…

  • Sorry, I’m not the least bit interesred in viewing corpses. It doesn’t excite me, it doesn’t repulse me, it only causes me to wonder”why?”. It seems that there is no end of people wanting to shock other people and call it art.

  • Meaghan Simpson

    Hi Kym! I could not connect with your link for Jendocino…or get it on a search. I do use old internet access…but I can always click through to other blogs you share here.

    Please advise if you can with tech support recommendations.


  • Another great post – I like her blog for the same reason I like yours: thoughtful, often funny writing and stellar photography! That one is all-time.

  • Imagine my surprise…

    I go to my blog statistics, and my visits are through the roof. Thanks for the link-up, Kym!

    Bob, I think you came out money ahead with that cold beer. And Jennifer, that’s high praise coming from someone who is herself a wonderful writer and photographer. I second your compliments to Kym, incidentally. I have to come clean, though… No photography was allowed in the body worlds exhibit, so I pulled some of these off the interwebs. Except for the pecker shot at the end. That’s all me.

    Ernie, I can see your point. In fact, I mention in my blog that I’m not very comfortable with the shock-value aspect of this exhibit. But in terms of my own motivation… I’m not a traditional learner – I don’t always do well sitting at a desk or cooped up in a classroom trying to learn from book after book. Sometimes in order to understand the workings of something, I have to see it and touch it and take it apart, if possible. So viewing pictures of human anatomy in a textbook or on a film isn’t going to be the best way for me to learn about how the human body works. Viewing these very vibrant, preserved corpses in three dimension, on the other hand, opened up my understanding of the function of my own body in ways I couldn’t have imagined before. Just like I know more about motorcycles having taken apart motorcycles, or just like I know more about chickens having cleaned chickens, I know more about myself having viewed this exhibit. Not that I’m entirely on board with this sort of thing, mind you. My blog post is actually somewhat critical of the ways in which these corpses are treated – although I don’t think anyone would argue that they’re on display as art. I think it’s pretty clear from the exhibit that it’s meant to be scientific in nature. Some might say there’s an artistic quality to the construction and positioning of these bodies, but I’m not sure I’d agree. I think constructing these exhibits takes an artistic eye, certainly, but I view these displays as portraying a high degree of craftsmanship rather than art. Like taxidermy, but with people. (Who volunteer in droves to have this done to their corpses after they die, by the way.)

    Kym, thanks once again for the shoutout!

  • PS: Meaghan, maybe you can link to my blog from clicking on my photo and entering through my user profile.

    Here’s my homepage, if that helps at all:

    Good luck!

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