Redwood Run Coming Up

Another gorgeous photo (the leather looks like you could stroke it) from Kim Sallaway to remind us that this next weekend is Redwood Run. It is at the Bowman’s ranch. But it brings in money to merchants throughout Mendocino and Humboldt county.

Salmon Creek has a beautiful quilt that we’ll be raffling off there. I’ll post a photo soon. Go here to get a ticket for the event–Original Redwood Run Tickets.

I can’t wait to hear Ronnie Montrose.  I can remember standing at 16 with Jill Burger in a church bathroom belting out the lyrics to Rock Candy.”You’re like candy babe.  You’re hard sweet and sticky!”  Ah, rebellion. It tastes sso sssweet!




  • I’ll be there 🙂 too look for my boots, they tend to stand out. Ill take some pics for you,,,maybe even of you (Kym)this time. It,s time we had some field shots of our author at work.

  • Nice photo of Digital Dan. The note pad in one hand and the pencil in the other is a dead give-away. He is a very interesting fellow. Everybody should take the time to meet him.

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