My Nomination for Worst Movie Ever Filmed In Humboldt…

I’m going to go out on a limb here because the movie just started being filmed in Eureka and surroundings but my nomination for worst ever movie filmed in Humboldt is…

The Lost Coast Tapes–a horror flick.  The New York Times summary says,

Seeking to redeem himself after wrecking his career over a UFO hoax, a documentary filmmaker is determined to prove that an explorers claim about the discovery of a Bigfoot artifact in the Pacific Northwest is just a hoax. But finds that he’s stumbled upon a nest of the wary, murderous giant beasts.

Ahh,  I’d pay money to avoid that film.

Besides, everyone knows Bigfoot is sweet and shy…



  • This made me laugh this morning. Thanks.

  • Of course I will see it just for the (hopefully) pathetic special effects.

  • Damn…Bigfoot is always getting a bad rap.

    I agree with you that this movie will be horrible, Kym, but I think a close contender is Jezebel’s Kiss. Have you seen that? It was made here in the nineties, and there was a big opening at the Arcata Theater. I was going to HSU at the time, and being a local, I drug all my friends to the premiere. I still don’t think they’ve forgiven me. There’s a scene where the main character takes a skinny dip in the ocean at night. In Humboldt. You can totally see her shivering – hilarious!

    • Kym, you are so right. The local Sasquatch, or Bigfoot as they are referred to in this region, are of a docile nature. The murderous clan of Yeti tend to be in the areas around Crater Lake. I mean, sure, one could have trekked this far south, but it is highly unlikely.

      There was a family of Sasquatch living up near Bluff Creek/Orleans area for the passed few hundred years and I would think the filmmakers would have gone up there to do the filming. But, to think Bigfoot is near Eureka and the surrounding region???? Oh, Pishaw!!! Rumor has it they are shooting some of the film around Bear River Ridge/Capetown area. Sheesh….out-of-towners. Everyone knows it’s too close to the ocean for the Bigfoot clans. Sasquatch only live in Douglas Fir stands and they can’t take the salt air. It irritates their sensitive nostrils. Why didn’t they talk to any locals about this???? Typical.

      Getting back to the murderous Crater Lake Sasquatches, Yeah…don’t turn your back on them. And if they advance, curl up into a ball near a log and pee your pants. It’s really a turn-off to the species. Almost like us picking up toads.

    • I agree that Jezebel’s Kiss is an embarrassment…! However, the truly worst film was made right here in Salmon Creek, Miranda, Phillipsville, back in the 70s. Russ Meyer’s “UP”. Many locals appear in this soft porn looooow budget nudie flick, including me.
      The plot was indescribable and had something to do with Hitler. After it was done, Russ gave the Phillipsville Fire Department the premiere as a fund raiser. It happened at the Garberville theatre and I found myself behind several blue haired elderly women. When the movie got going, I nearly died of embarrassment and the rest of the fire crew were shrinking in their seats. Hard to do when you are Neil Logan, our Chief at the time. The amazing thing is that no one walked out and Darryl Beasley howled with laughter down near the front while his sweet little wife, Ruth cowered in horror. When it was over, we counted our money, rolled our eyes, and never talked about it again. It was just too awful.

      • Remember that they HAD to run the show for 5 days, it wasn’t just the one night. I wonder who exactly went and saw it a few times. Possibly the only porn in the G-ville theater ever???

      • Actually I worked in the motel where the crew stayed. And was shocked right down to my toenails to see the one girl in the film crew staying there leave makeup first on the pillowcase in one room then the next, then the next…I couldn’t decide which was more sinful wearing makeup to bed or sleeping with a different guy every night. They also filmed at a neighbor’s house and my poor mom had to endure ungodly groans loudly echoing across the field. She wouldn’t let us go look to see what was happening but I think my brother may have sneaked a peak.

  • Gosh, It’s good to hear from Ekovox. I haven’t seen him on the blogs lately. You can trust anything that he has to say. He has deep history on the North Coast, Seth Kinman is one of his relatives. If he tells you to curl up in a ball and wet your pants to save yourself from Bigfoot you can believe him. As long as my family has been in this canyon (1857) we’ve never heard of anyone been eaten by Bigfoot after wetting their pants.

    We call Bigfoot “Bloody Bones The Kid Eating Monster” in Laytonville. Many a kid has wet his pants when being told Bloody Bones stories. No kid with wet pants has ever been eaten by Bloody Bones. But many a kid has disappeared in the Long Valley never to be heard from again, possibly they were brave and didn’t wet their pants. I can only hope that they passed out before being eaten.

    We are so lucky to have gentle Bigfoots in Humboldt and Trinity. And we are lucky to have people like Ekovox to help us interpret the wilds around us.

  • I’ll probably see it. I remember when Killer Clowns from Outer Space was filmed in Santa Cruz, and all the locals said they would boycott it. But they were drawn to it as moths to the flame. And then came the Lost Boys!

    • Eric, I would read some reviews online before you rent it… seriously. Roger Ebert was a co-writer, but used a fake name.
      If you must see a bad porn movie, may I suggest some puppet porn… Meet the Feebles.

      Ben, I can’t believe no one asked you what part you played?!?

  • This post has been up for 4 days and nobody mentions Ganjasaurus Rex? That movie was a stinker, even allowing for the fact that it was supposed to be a comedy.



  • Curtis Anderson

    I totally feel your post Kym, I heard about this movie and have seen the crew around and they do not seem very nice either especially the guy with dreads, I think he is the director for the flop of a movie to be. Not looking forward to this at all!

  • Chris Beal, Producer The Lost Coast Tapes

    Hello All,

    I am the producer of the movie in question. Let me just start by saying the the New York Times synopsis of the movie is very very wrong! Secondly, you will be quit suprised by our film and I am in hopes that you will give it a chance as aposed to calling it the worst film ever. We have employed a top notch team including a world renowed stunt person, visual effects teams, and actors. We have employed many people from Humboldt County and done a ton of research to the tune of scouting. We have scouted this area for two months. We interviewed countless people And our writer are from Petrolia. This script is based on his personal story so before you prejudge our project give it a chance. Thank, Chris Beal

  • Chris Beal, Producer The Lost Coast Tapes

    Hello All again,

    Also to let you know we were featured in the front page of the Times and were intereviewed on the local radio station. As for the crew, we are all supper nice and very welcoming accourding to all of the people we have met. Also Kym you must work at my hotel because that is where the make up person is staying so I would love to meet you in person so that you can see we are a cool bunch of folk. Again please dont be afraid to come and say hello….our director did so much research and he loves this area and the people which is why we are shooting here.

    Chris Beal, The Lost Coast Tapes

    • Chris,
      First, I have to clear your poor innocent make up girl (though, I find it very humorous that you made this mistake–I suspect she will not). I was talking about the porn star in the movie UP staying in a motel I worked at as a maid when I was but a lass. Your makeup girl’s makeup is not gracing the pillows of a different cast member every night that I know of.

      I sadly missed the Times Standard’s feature. Maybe you could give us a better synopsis than the New York Times? If their version is any where near accurate, your writer has led a very…unique life– stumbling on a “nest of the wary, murderous giant beasts” would be an absolutely one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Hello Locals,

    I am a local working on the “The Lost Coast Tapes”. Along with hiring 5 locals to work on the project, the production is pumping thousands of dollars into the Humboldt economy. As for the “worst indie film ever” in Humboldt, it is far from this impetous title. Yes it is a horror film, but the director and the producers have done there research with local Bigfoot enthusist and a professor at HSU. They are aware of Bigfoots reputation in the area and I promise you they are not going to let him down.

    As for the director, he could have shot this movie anywhere but was determined to make it here because he loves the area and wanted to be true to the story line. I have been very impressed with his commitment and passion let alone the fact he is a great person.

    Of course please hold your opinions and reviews until you see the movie. We hope to have a local premiere when it is finished.

    PS. It was great hearing all the comments on the past movies made in SoHum.

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