Kinetic Sculpture Race–Fork Off

The Annual madness that is the Kinetic Sculpture Race is once again messing with the minds of locals and tourists alike.  Rumors are that NPR and CNN are here covering the race.  But for the best coverage KHUM at 104.7 on the radio but live blogging here.  You can watch the race from the comfort of your home.  The video is streaming now.

For the best sense of the crazzzzy-ness though, you need to see Kim Sallaway’s amazing gallery of photos taken at races pasthere is more, and more  and more and still more (The photo above is one).  The gallery of photos shows the weirdness that is Humboldt at Race time in a way that makes the madness stand still long enough to absorb.

Kim’s up there taking more photos today.  Hoorah for the craziness that is coming!



  • Fiance here: I’m a big fan of pink hippos. I am also a big fan of Kinetic sculpture…..have been known to help build one myself. We did a city bus…..

  • The day of the dead taco truck last year was the most remarkable entry I have ever seen…

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