Avenue of the Giants for Memorial Day


If you want to see America, just drive the Avenue of the Giants right now.  From Redwood trees to Memorial Day flags in the tiny town of Phillipsville the roadside has put on its brightest colors and is as pretty a place as any you’ve ever seen.  What a piece of heaven we live in!



  • It is heaven. God made a good planet when he made this one, Kym. He even included flowers. Yours truly is reminded we only have so many days here in this beautiful place, you know.

    On a slightly similar or different note, I hope readers know of
    Ernie’s lusciously written BBQ happening and the guided fantasy by him here
    –taking place in Redway this Saturday and helping the Fire Department. Skippy can almost smell the madrone smoke and the slow cooked ‘real-deal’ barbecue from here.

    Flowers and barbecue? Why not? Summer’s finally here and skippy will be there. How about you? We can have twice as much fun for a good reason and cause. But only if all come along to this wonderful corner of our galaxy.

    Have a good weekend on this beautiful planet, everyone. Take care.

    peace… skips

  • P-ville… My home town…!

  • Phillipsville is such a pretty little town especially right now with the flags and the spring grass and wildflowers.

  • It is a beautiful town.

    It’s too that whoever hung those flags didn’t know that they’re supposed to be at half mast (until noon – at which time they are raised all the way until the end of the day.)

    Just saying…most people nowadays don’t even know the real meaning of Memorial Day. I talk about it in my column tomorrow.

  • My bad!!!

    The flag thing is only on May 30th…

  • found 2 dogs running around the ranch. Indie and Dakota. Know whose they might be???? Called the #’s and got a message from an Amy Morrow.

  • Avenue of the Redwoods is a wonderful suggestion for Memorial Day. Such beautiful and enduring sentinels!

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