Ferndale Post Office and Workers Quarantined

A white powder substance has been found at the Ferndale post office.  Hazmat has quarantined the workers inside.  Follow FrndEnterprise on Twitter for updates.

 Here’s her tweet:
#Ferndale Post Office closed down. Suspicious white powder found on letter. Eureka hazmat on its way. Workers quarantined inside.
UPDATE 10:25: New Tweets.

Ferndale Enterprise
FrndEnterpriseFerndale Enterprise
Eureka Fire Department hazmat team member on the scene as well as Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department.
Ferndale Police Chief blocking front door at Ferndale Post Office. Workers inside continuing 2 fill mailboxes.
Ferndale Enterprise


  • Remember the age of innocence, back before the Tylenol Killer, 9/11, and computer hackers. We have become a world of cowards, hiding behind our curtains of anonymousness. Any coward can scare people now, and squeal about their perfect right to privacy.

    Hopefully the powder is just sugar and we can go on with our lives. But, these people, that are really concerned about their privacy should show some restraint, because at some point people will become so angry that they will no longer care about our privacy and the will go after the powder-mailers and others. Maybe we don’t show enough responsibility to deserve a right to privacy.

  • Powdered substance was animal medicine. Post office reopened.

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