No Drugs Found in Presumed Kettenpom Murderer's Toxicology Report

The Gazette Times of Corvalis, Oregon is reporting that the toxicology report on Tomas “Mas” Gouverneur came back free of drugs or alcohol.  According to Mendocino County Sgt. Scott Poma, “He was not under the influence of anything.”

On March 13th, in the hills east of Humboldt in Southwestern Trinity,  Kristine Constantino and her partner, Christopher Sky Richardson were murdered in their home.  Neighbors who came to check on them were attacked and barely escaped in a dramatic struggle that involved their throats being slit. (For a more complete story go here.) The presumed killer Tomas Gouverneur was killed following a highspeed chase during a car wreck. Because he was known as a gentle soul and because large amounts of marijuana and money had been found both in the home and in his car, some had speculated that drugs might be a factor in his actions.

The story has been followed closely by local residents as the two murder victims as well as the two injured neighbors, Jim and Norma Gund, were known in the community.  The Gunds in particular were well known as he was a county worker and she was a school bus driver.



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  • for those who asked how the Gund’s were doing this is the latest information I have from early this month.

  • I find that report with those findings to be very interesting. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my mind around this tragic event.

  • I think everyone who read this story and the circumstances that surround it are dumbfounded by the senseless acts of a deranged murderous homicidal maniac who murdered his best friend and his girlfriend. The murderer almost took two other innocent lives and they stopped a further murderous rampage, no doubt. I would also like to thank the Mendo County Sheriff’s Deputy who was waiting to block the escape of this dangerous maniac, this probably saved a few lives and certainly a lot of money and an endless wait in a prison at 50k a year or more to keep the maniac fed and clothed. What does this mean when added to the senseless killing in Willow Creek of a man who tried to defend his son’s property and all the other cases of unprovoked violence the last couple of years. There seems to be a lot of people who are out there with no regard for human life, be it a friend, relative or stranger. Also the cannabis trade seems to bring out the worst in many who want to rob, kill, and steal. I think cannabis if treated like wineries as an agriculutral product and decriminalized might be the only way to stop it. If the black market continues, the violence will as well. I would like to know the back-story and if this murderous maniac was selling down in San Fran for his friend or what the story was. Sadly, we may never know and the innocent lives are lost forever to their families. I would like to again thank the people who stopped this murderous maniac before he struck again. Devine intervention and a solid oak tree have my thanks as well.

  • Great point, ElkRidge. Hopefully his friends will come to grips with the fact that in the end, Mas had murder in his heart. No drugs to blame there.

  • “Because he was known as a gentle soul and because large amounts of marijuana and money had been found both in the home and in his car”

    I’ve posted on other pages regarding this story. This guy was a two-faced manipulator, to his friends he appears gentle but if you got on his wrong side, like I did after a minor disagreement, he treated you like a mortal enemy. I actually also thank the oak tree – fearing if he made it back to Corvallis I might have been a victim too.

    Some rumors up here were that he got stiffed on a deal back east, then went to his supplier to extract more pot and cash. Perhaps his life was in danger. And then again, being involved with $100,000s of black market money is also an addiction that leads to violence. But I saw it is his eyes, the way he looked at me with hatred.

    It was interesting how he showed up here too, no one really knew his background. They way he killed the victims and tried to kill the rescuers – first tazing, then slashing their throats – makes me think he had a history of gang violence, and possibly experience killing other enemies in the same way. Way too calculate, like a mob hit. We are all lucky to have this guy off the planet.

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