Rare Sight—An Anise Swallowtail

An Anise swallowtail (I believe), isn’t really rare but the sight of one sitting long enough to be photographed is.  What a beautiful battle scarred veteran of  our wet spring this one is.



  • Good capture!

  • So that’s what they’re called. I found one of these last Summer in the parking lot of a Dollar General and rescued it from the path of someone’s tire. It rewarded me with a spectacular photo not unlike yours. They are spectacular-looking creatures.

  • Wow. You get butterflies awfully early compared to us. I haven’t even seen a dragonfly yet. Just spiders, flies & bees.

    Regardless, a lovely picture.

  • My favorite butterfly… They love hilltops and high places. We have plenty of Fennel so it seems like we should have more of them but I do agree that they are uncommon.

  • I was about to say that I see those all the time, that they are not uncommon. Then, I finished where you said that it was rare to get them to pose that long… got me.

    Perfect shot!

  • Thank you and Ben, you are right about its name.

  • I found a chrysalis on the stem of a pot plant at harvest one year, kept it in a jar over the winter, and one of these emerged from it the following Mother’s Day weekend

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