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Press Release from Bill Ryder Saturday, May 21 from 4:30 – 5:15PM at the Arcata Community Center      

Members of the Redwood MoveOn Council of Humboldt County will greet Representative Mike Thompson and his supporters at his pasta dinner event on Saturday, May 21, from 4:30 – 5:15 PM at the Arcata Community Center.  The Council will demonstrate support for his political decisions on behalf of the American people and remind him of MoveOn’s position on the budget.   Medicare must not be cut.  The tax cuts for the rich must not continue.

While many families in our community continue to struggle to find work and make ends meet, Republicans are threatening to hold the entire economy hostage in order to cut Medicare and preserve the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

At first, Republicans were up front about their plans to privatize Medicare while doling out tax cuts for the rich. But after facing heated criticism at town halls over their vote on the Republican budget that would gut Medicare, they’re changing their tactics. Now, instead of attacking Medicare head-on, they’re calling for spending caps to disguise their plan to eliminate Medicare. Spending caps would actually trigger massive cuts to Medicare within a few years. These spending caps are nothing more than a Medicare kill switch.

Seniors in our community cannot afford to spend more on health care, nor should we allow Republicans to dismantle a program that provides vital health care services to most Americans over the age of 65. It’s downright irresponsible to leave seniors’ health care to the mercy of private insurance companies.

It is time to tell Representative Representative Mike Thompson, and all the Republicans in Congress, that enough is enough. Programs that protect our parents and grandparents, like Medicare, should not be on the chopping block to pay for tax cuts to the wealthy.

Contact: Bill Ryder 822-3319 for more information

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  • Meaghan Simpson

    Yes! About GOP economic gangsters goals for immoral cut backs in the war of the uber filthy rich against the other 98% of USA citizens! We are in the midst of the world’s biggest ponzi schemes in these economic wars that have already stolen 55% of the wealth from the low and middle income citizens and taken our wealth to the top 2% who are cold cruel genocidalist criminals and facists.

    No caring or compassion for fellow human beings while they have already destroyed key assistance programs like IHSS which are penny wise and pound foolish because disabled and seniors cannot stay in their homes and now they have to go to care facilities that cost 3 or 4 times what it costs to stay at home! Other programs like Experience works which helps seniors get employment and be able to
    afford food and medicines, etc that they cannot afford on just Social inSecurity, the criminal GOP wants to take that out in times when low income people have already endured tons of cut backs like Schwarzenegger shredded the safety net without mercy! Family Planning and Adult Day Care and Social Security and alot more are all on the chopping block because GOP will not agree to raise the debt limit unless Dems agree to severe austerity cuts. Between the CA State budget cuts and the Fed Gov giving and taking all the money with corrupt corporations the results are destroying buzillions of jobs with another 30,000 teachers getting laid off, way more sheriff’s laid off and a whole lot more basic services going to hell. The term “Wealthfare” describes the welfare all going to the banksters and super rich and none for “Main Street” who have paid into the Treasury all our lives! We are under seige with no grace in sight. Like Thomas Jefferson said, the banks and monopoly monster madness of Federal Reserve are more dangerous to our rights and freedoms than military invasions. What USA is going through is happening to others world wide because the banks are committing their crimes against the masses everywhere!

    What is interesting is that 80% of USA citizens polled by numerous mainstream polls across all political parties, we all agree there should be no cut backs or privatizations to Medicare or Social Security. And we the 80% also agree that there must be a return to full taxes for the wealthy and corporations now and we agree that there must be strong cut backs to the military budget that cannot account for trillions of dollars now! That’s how out of touch WA, DC crime scenes are with the majority of voters.

    If we just put taxes back on wealthy for Lear jets and luxury yachts, etc… we could pay for our safety nets that are shredded and causing much harm with no end in sight.

    Fact: all gov reps get something like Medicare and they get it for the rest of their lives even if they just serve one term! All the gov reps who cannot bring themselves to support universal single payer insurance for all… ALL of them get free health insurance FOR LIFE even tho they make alot more money than most people. Most gov reps are hypocrites and are committing crimes against humanity and all living things. Certainly every immoral illogical absurdity is being carried to maximum extreme.

  • Wanda De Justus

    Barter & surely the global corporate state knows whats best-

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