Jed Sherman

Local Jed Sherman died yesterday.  He was loved by many here. His friend Kim Sallaway said about him, “Jed was a true gentleman, a lucky dealer, and a proud papa.”


Photos by Kim Sallaway



  • to a Outstanding Man,,. We will Miss You Jed……. owner, and employees, Brass Rail….

  • Well a good sized crowd walked Jed from his house to his resting place in a redwood coffin at the Briceland cemetery this afternoon. Under the rather cool shade of fir trees he was placed and there were 8 shovels to help cover him over, but not before many mateelians had much niceness and love to share about Jed. Shawn read the MATEEL poem by Jim Deerhawk (Also reposed at Briceland Cemetery) and a good contingent of Harley’s showed as well.

    There are not many people whom you remember anything from your first comversation but I remember talking to Jed about Indian Head nickels as buttons the first time I saw him as he pulled into town in the Gypsy-like trailer he and Shawn lived in.

    In 70 years you live about 37 million minutes…here are 2 from Jed’s life…When the Beginnings firehouse was being built, during a work party, Jed pulled up, jumped out of his truck, came over and said…”I don’t have time to help right now but maybe these can” he said pulling 3 $100 Ben Franklins from his pocket and handing them over.

    I always considered Jed a true JEDi. RIP, Bro.

  • Thank you. I didn’t know him but everyone who did talks about what a great guy he was.

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