Briceland Rd Accident at Miller Creek–One Lane Controlled Traffic

An accident on Briceland Rd near Miller Creek Rd with at least one Toyota Tacoma blocked the roadway completely for a short time.  At the current time there is one lane controlled traffic.  Ambulance and fire crews are at the scene.

Be careful out there.  And send thanks to the volunteers.

UPDATE 11:50:  Road is open.

UPDATE 1:09 AM: Two Toyotas collided on Briceland Rd. Near Miller Creek Rd about 10:30 pm on Thursday night. The road was closed for about 15 minutes and then was opened to one way controlled traffic. In the photo above, one driver is being treated by local volunteer fire staff.  Eventually, both drivers were transported by ambulance to the hospital. Thanks you to all the volunteers but especially Chief Tim Olsen and Captain Allison Jones ( a paramedic-in-training) who were the first ones on the scene.

Photos and details come from Mikal Jakubal, a volunteer with Briceland Fire.   Please support what these men and women do.  Possibly they may save your life. Chances are they’ll save the life of someone you know.



  • whats with all the accidents lately?

    i mean i remember when i came out there, the roads are definitely hazardous, but lately it seems like there are bad accidents everyday!

    really makes me respect the men and women you guys have out there who volunteer there time. what a wonderful bunch of people

  • Hurray for our fine first responders!

    For what it’s worth… saw my first fawn of spring this AM, plowing through the tall grass trying to keep up with momma deer.

  • Kym
    Thanks for keeping us up to speed. Or, is speed a bad word to use in a traffic accident report?

    It’s been a wierd spring. I haven’t seen a fawn yet and they are overdue… Disease?

  • Saw my first live eel in the Southfork today as well. Last week just before the rain I watched golden-yellow dragonflies emerging from their shells, and slowly lengthening and unfolding their wings.

    Pardon my hijacking the thread, but where do you go to write something positive these days? The human news has been so tragic lately, sympathies to all those affected.

    ….extra kudos to Allison, we are very lucky to have an EMT as part of our volunteer department!

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