How to Have Fun Paying Your Insurance

“If I were to get in a crash, I’d want it to be in Southern Humboldt because these guys are so helpful.  They are some of the best,”  says Diana Totten a former member of the Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue Team about her previous group.  She knows that it is hard for locals to keep giving to “all the non profits around here but can you imagine dialing 911 and no one comes?  You also need to realize how much the volunteers are donating.  Time is the most valuable commodity…[and] these guys put in two full days a month volunteering plus 2 evenings and regular fire meetings twice a month.”  And that she says doesn’t include going out on cold rainy nights to actually save people. “[The donation] we’re asking for is like a small insurance policy,” she adds.  “The guys aren’t asking for nothing extravagant.  We are asking for just a vehicle to get to you to help.”

The Team is hoping to get enough in order to purchase or at least begin to purchase a 4 wheel drive truck with a crew cab enough to seat 6 with lots of compartments in back for all the equipment such as rappelling gear, etc. that they need to carry with them. They need a variety of things to cover the varying rescues they are involved in.  In the past, they’ve responded to airplane crashes, snow rescues, saved people in the river and over cliffs.  “Stuff that takes a lot of equipment,” Totten explains.

The team is throwing a party at Beginnings and inviting everyone to come around and enjoy The Roadmasters‘ music and eat some food by locally reknown chef, Smokin’ Moses.  The money raised buys a vehicle that could help save your life.  The money you donate is a small price for an insurance policy that benefits everyone in the area, Totten believes.

Can’t go?  Don’t worry.  You can still donate.  I plan to. Go to the Community Credit Union.  Ask to them to put your money in the Southern Humboldt Fire Chiefs Fund with your donation earmarked for the Southern Humbolt Technical Rescue Team.


Photo from Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue Page



  • I’m sure you mean the Community Credit Union and not the Mateel credit union. I’m going to do that Monday, sorry to miss all the fun tonight.

    • Thank you, Bunny. I fixed it. And thank you for helping to save someone’s life. Everyone who donates is part of keeping this community healthy. I know the quote “the life you save may be your own” is hokey sounding but it is also true.


  • Aurora Studebaker

    Thank You for posting this! I just wanted to add that the event will be on Saturday May 21st 6pm-midnight at the Beginnings Octagon.

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