What's Up with the Three Helicopters that Flew Over Today?

Three very large military looking helicopters flew over Salmon Creek today about 3 pm.  Any one have any ideas what they were doing?  I’m pretty sure they flew over CR then south over Salmon Creek.

Thoughts anyone?

  • Laytonville Rock


  • They flew over Humboldt Hill just before that heading north to south but they were above the cloud cover. I couldn’t photograph them or see how many but I heard them loud and clear and looked for them as they headed south to you.

  • They flew over Arcata I am quite sure. I was in my inner sanctom, with considerable machinery noise around me, and I FELT them. I went out and looked but could not see them. Flying so high but disturbing the air so strongly, they must have been quite large, as you say. Somehow I don’t think the military likes to announce what they are up to when they do a fly-over. Maybe they were looking for angels up in the clouds.

  • They were over Rio Dell around 2:30, or I think that was them. 🙂

  • We heard them in Loleta. It was so loud they made the house vibrate. We went outside to look, but they were above the cloud cover. It was sometime after 2 PM.

    • I just started working at Gold Bluffs Beach at Prairie Creek State park and they flew over me too. So they came from pretty far north.

  • This is the same three Red Cross Blackhawks that have been making runs across the area for a few months now. This is old news and means nothing. They go to the coast guard station at the airport, do their business and leave. Using my telescope I noted that these three were not armed and had the Red Cross logo on the side. People seem to think that Blackhawks are only used for extreme military applications but this is false. They are used for all kind of things, including peacetime transport of VIPs and such. We hear the drag races in Samoa way more often and just as loud but no one is screaming on the blogs about that…

  • I got a good look at them in Piercy, they were so loud and moving rather slowly.
    At one point they were exactly lined up with a “persistant contrail” line, NNW to SSE.

  • Sure didn’t help my Paraskevidekatriaphobia any!

  • Sightseeing on their way home, I suppose.

  • Currently all of our cows have their green card, so I’m not worried.

  • I felt them too, windows and house was rattling.. at first thought was earthquake.. but the sound persisted. Went outside to see and just heard and felt the vibe. Blue Slide Creek area …

  • Wanda De Justus

    The joys of camp season,do stir one’s inner being-Bayside on 101 often the coast guard meds fly-yet beying that time of year-well-

  • These posts make me remember long ago when we were subjected to sonic booms at any time 24/7. They made the houses shake and babies wake up and finally we raised enough hell they stopped overflying us down here. Thanks for the memory.

    • Yeah bunny, I remember the stop the sonic boom campaign. It was headed up by Dan Healy and radio station KERG. Those were the heady days that we could do anything.

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