Benbow Lake State Park to be Closed

Other local parks include Fort Humboldt, Grizzly Creek Redwoods, Russian Gulch, Standish-Hickey SRA.  According to just released information in the Sacramento Bee, Benbow Lake State Park is just one of 70 state parks being closed this year because of budget cuts.

The department said service reductions will begin over the summer and closures will begin in September. All parks on the list are to be padlocked by July 1, 2012.

Parks officials said they tried to protect the most significant cultural and natural resources, while maintaining the parks that provided the most public access and state revenue. In addition, the department intends to seek partnership agreements with local governments and non-profits in attempt to keep some of the parks open. They said 92 percent of total park attendance will be retained and 94 percent of existing revenues even with the closures.

Here is a map of the State Park System which you can compare with your favorites and with the ones being closed listed in the Bee.

What is going to happen to the Summer Arts Fair next year?

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  • I’m wondering how this will affect events held at the Lake, such as the Art’s Fair and Reggae on the River. Will they still be there this year?

  • This year should be fine but by next year (they won’t start closing til Sept.), we could be facing some serious problems for our local community.

  • James Stutsman


  • Sydney Setterlund

    What a disappointment! My old stomping grounds. How I loved growing up on that lake, swimming, boating, hiking, all the best activities. I remember so many parties on the lake with my family, the boat regattas and corn feeds! You were there, too. And my second-to-be-published book is based in that area (with fictional names). I always thought I’d be back there once again some day. I guess that’s not going to happen now. Oh, well, everything must change and this is just one more way our economy is affecting the best part of our lives. I’m so bummed.

  • It’s a shame that we will be losing such a valuable venue as Benbow Lake State Park but it is a great opportunity to move SAMF to the Community Park in Garberville. I would think that one lively weekend of music per year wouldn’t ruffle too many neighbors feathers while making use of our beautiful community park. ROTR could make it’s triumphant return to Frenches Camp like the good old days as that event I think would be too rowdy and large for the community park.

  • The T-S reported that the parks will close as of July 1st. If this is true, what will happen with Reggae on the River? I don’t think French’s Camp is an option – still owned by Dimmick? So sad to see these public resources close

    • July 1st next year, thank goodness. A little time to make alternate plans.

      • Shanti Chakravarti

        This is very unfortunate, and I am really disappointed with what people have brought the world to. The Earth is desperate for care, and positive attention no matter the economic structure and ideas some may have. I have grown up going to these parks. most of my childhood has been spent visiting these beautiful places and enjoying the amazing ‘magic’ or ‘wonders’ of nature. The adventures and times of my past and hopefully my future have been in and around the areas of these special places. memories I have and wish to experience again in the near and far future, I will treasure for ever. Isn’t there something I can do? or something that can be done. this is really serious. What is going to happen to these places and environments of natural habitat of those who live there?!
        Lack of finances!? what about the creatures and critters that live in these places for the reason of livelihood and sanctuary.? Before our human ‘disturbance’ interrupted the natural, real way of nature and its life, think, how was it before. what was already substantial about the balance of things. try and think of what people have done that has led these beautiful places to this situation. Just imagine how it was, and how would it be without the idea of peoples form of currency “money” and the idea of economics. What’s up with this and peoples desire for their own ideas of how most everything should be for what is already natural in its own habitat. Im sick and tired of peoples selfish, not thought through well, assertive, ideas of how the world should be, and how they should insert themselves into the environment over petty shit without consideration. For example action that could terribly hurt so much life over something as petty as money. what is this?

    • That is a big question.. many are asking already. As far as I know French’s Camp is still owned by French’s, but Dimmicks land borders it. I have talked to Mateel people about moving back to French’s camp in the past, and it wasn’t financially reasonable, but now who knows?
      Personally I love the bowl at French’s and would love to see Reggae there again, a nice little 2 day affair, but that’s me.

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