Music and Memories for Joseph Eddy

Memorial for Joseph Eddy

On the 30th of April, Joseph Patrick Eddy jumped ship and left his family and crew behind.  We all miss him.  His sons Rane, Oliver, Jorin and his daughter, Iris, will always keep his character, his sense of humor, and his punkiness alive.  Maria Gale and Andrea Simons, his former partners, and his sister, Miranda Shepherd, will miss his warm hands and his warm smile.

Joe was a man easy to laugh with, good-hearted, and sweet.  He was a  rogue, a musician, and a pirate.  He shared laughter and treasured people more than gold.
He said about his life, “I am a Jack of all trades and a master of none but music is my medicine.”

His art and music will live on in all that have known him. If you want to share in a celebration of his life, it will be held (fittingly) Friday the 13th @ Salmon Creek Community School From 1 until sunset.  Everyone welcome.  Potluck.  Bring your stories to share.

Friday the 13th

@ Salmon Creek Community School

From 1 until sunset.



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  • I’ll be thinking of all of y’all and Joseph. I hope the music is swell. May the jams last way past sunset.

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