A Recent Series of Mysterious Deaths in Ukiah

In what sounds like the beginning of a Stephen King thriller,  three men have been found dead in Ukiah in the last four days with no obvious signs of trauma.  The first two were found Saturday inside a home.  Both were relatively young–Angelo Crabtree, 30, and Emanuel Reeves, 18.  Though there was no signs of forced entry or of any obvious unusual circumstances, law enforcement is treating their deaths as suspicious.

Then today at nearly 2 in the afternoon, a third man described only as an adult male was found lying in the street near the Grace Hudson Museum with no obvious signs of trauma.  The man is currently unidentified.


Photo from here.



  • Weird. Sounds like something ingested? Maybe. Or aliens who penetrated their bodies. Ok, that was rude.

  • It’s weird but I was just telling someone that last weekend, driving through Eureka, I passed at least three people that were actively “tweeking”….not just walking in their normal, toothless twitchiness but arms waving, legs flyin’ TWEEK. Very odd. I wondered if there wasn’t a “bad batch” (is there a good batch of meth?)out there? Can’t help but think that it’s a tough road for a heart to take.

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