Brand New Video of Osama's Compound Burning


This is shot by a neighbor of a man in Abbottabad who’s twitter feed I’ve been following.  He twittered the attack without knowing what it was. He just released this at 7 this morning.



  • charlie brent

    posted .. and you change your page ?

  • At 0:26, someone with a very American sounding accent says
    “my television” and “my cell phone”. There are probably not Arabic words for television and cell phone, but the pronunciation sounds so American to my ear. Does the twitter feed mention any Americans being where the video was made?

    • Below the youtube video, it says,
      “The video was shot by a shopkeeper and shared by a local guy here for the summer – from the UK” I’m guessing that is a British accent then. Though I’ve tried listening and I can’t hear it.

  • I’m wondering if it was the compound, or the helicopter they destroyed.

    The White House is mum about what actually happened at this point, either because they’ve messed up the narrative with erroneous premature accounts so badly, or because they don’t want to reveal anything about their techniques. But there won’t be a made-for-TV movie without some account.

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