UPDATE2: The road is open to emergency vehicles only at this point.  The earlier report was misunderstood.

UPDATE:Fortuna dispatch has reported that Briceland Rd is open to one way traffic–Thank the Humboldt Co. road workers!

Many thanks to the crew who are working in cold, wet, dangerous conditions so that the road will be opened. Kim Sallaway commented on the last post just recently, “The roadway is being worked on with the hopes that by Monday the traffic can use it, one way, controlled. The crew worked until 11:30 last night and started up again at 7AM. They dumped more than 40 20 yard dump trucks worth of rip-rap into the hillside yesterday. They have done more than 15 today by 10:30 AM.  They have a steady flow of big serpentine rocks coming from Bear Butte. According to the job supervisor, I can’t recollect his name, the plan is to work until it is done. And he hopes that will be tonight. This incessant rain makes the going uncomfortable for the working men, but they seem to be getting it done.
The road will be one lane.”

There are more photos below thanks to Kim Sallaway (see his Photo Gallery here.)

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10 thoughts on “More Photos from Briceland Road

  1. All those blue serpentine rocks go right down the road below our house. They were running well into the dark night last night and before dawn this morning. Not a good day to cruise up Bear Butte Rd. And probably most of those first loads went right down to the creek. speedy evolution.

  2. Not quite yet, heard that is for emergency (ambulance etc) look at link to SoHum Awarness
    in post above “Bobbi”

  3. I just left the work site. The road is definitely not open. The hopes are that it will be open by after 9 pm tonight.

  4. I just talked to Supt McAllister of SHUSD re: school bus routes and times for tomorrow morning. He indicated that State Park and County road crews have repaired Briceland Road at the slipout (no doubt a temporary fix) and it is open to two-way traffic now. School buses will be running on usual schedule unless the fix doesn’t hold through the night. Affected households of students are in the process of being notified via SHUSD automated phone service and will be updated if necessary.KMUD should be in the loop as well and delivering updates. Give those guys on the road crews a thumbs up next time your see them. They deserve it.

  5. Whoops! Egg on my face — I called CHP to confirm opening of briceland road — They say it is HOPED repairs will be completed sometime tonight and ready for school buses by morning. Stay tuned!

  6. I’ m glad to see SoHum Awareness’s birth. I’ve come to rely on you so much in the past couple of weeks to keep us informed and to give locals a forum , that I can’t imagine how you have a life as well. Can you keep this up?

    SoHum really needs a way for us to inform each other of stories of importance, and having the resources to do that is close to impossible. KMUD tries, but has a limited budget. I don’t know how many times a story will break and there is nothing on KMUD to tell us what’s happening until a day or so later.

    So, maybe SoHum Awareness will work. I’m ignorant about things like Facebook but am encouraged by this new possibility.

    • Norah,

      I think this is an exciting new development. This new Facebook site allows anybody to post about something that is happening in the community. Of course, it is open to abuse but I think that since people’s names are attached. they’ll be careful to put up accurate information.

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