Road through Whitmore Grove Closed

UPDATE: Estelle Fennel commented on my Facebook page, “Road now open to one-way controlled traffic. Will be like that for a long time. Factor big delays into your town trip!”

Photo of Whitmore Grove road.  Humboldt Co. Public Works Dept. Road Maintenance Division stated around 1 pm that a large redwood tree went down at Whitmore Grove and the road is clear.  The lovely lady on the other end said, “”We are hoping that we can get one land controlled traffic”  later on  but only if “all the stars align!”

KMUD reports that there are several trees down and half the road base lost. Maybe be open in 4 or 5 hours, with one way controlled traffic. Also there is an accident on Old Briceland Rd.. Best to stay home. Or at least call KMUD to see if it is clear.

I’m going to miss those beautiful trees.


Photos from Jac Hargrave.  Reporting from Autumn Hargrave and Liz Davidson.



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