Radiation Levels Rise as Disaster Reaches One Week Anniversary

The photo above is from Times’ Pictures of Japan Devastation. Beautifully done but it does have some closeups of bodies which are appropriate but can disturb some people.

Here’s a helicopter ride around the Fukushima power plant.  This one is a bit horrifying so think before you click. As my son said, “Well, Mom, that’s not healthy looking…”

Japan struggles to return power to the plants which could help restart water pumps and aid in cooling the reactors.

“The number of people confirmed dead in the 11 March earthquake and tsunami in Japan has reached 6,539, surpassing the toll from the massive tremor in Kobe in 1995, the AFP is quoting Japanese police as saying.” (This was from the BBC)

Steve Herman from Voice of America tweeted, “One small town here in Fukushima-ken today reporting rad readings of 20.1μSv/h.”

Airline passengers from Japan are setting off radiation devices in America.

The US Ambassador to Japan says, “Environmental Radioactivity Measurement Result (Fukushima Area) can be found at http://eq.wide.ad.jp/index_en.html

Humboldt Health Fact Sheet on Radiation here. There is still no solid evidence that shows a likelihood of radiation rising here.


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