Over 20 Wineries in Humboldt County?


To my surprise, Humboldt has over twenty wineries.  They are marked on the map with red circles.  (To read descriptions of each numbered site, go here to a pdf file.)

In fact, there is actually a wine association here.  And, they are having a big event at HSU on Saturday, March 19th from  3-5:30″an afternoon of classes, lectures, and presentations” held in conjunction with a festival.

I found out about this satisfyingly large number of wineries from reading an article touting the county’s “very credible” wines. As much as I love this place, I’m often surprised by some new aspect I hadn’t known about.  I need to spend the summer getting to know the parts of it that fall outside the same wonderful things I always go and do. Here’s a three-day itinerary to get to know a side of Humboldt I’ve overlooked.



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