A Conference on Marijuana Reform

MARIJUANA REFORM: Next Steps Southern California

A statewide conference to discuss the future of marijuana reform efforts in California.


Saturday, March 19, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Ricardo Montalban Theatre

1615 Vine St, Hollywood


Sponsored by CaNORML, Drug Policy Alliance and Marijuana Policy Project, this conference builds on the success of a similar gathering in Berkeley in January and will feature a public discussion with drug policy reform leaders, medical marijuana advocates, legislators, attorneys, physicians and marijuana reform activists from across the state. All welcome!


Registration, ticketing and parking information will be available by March 1. (A modest registration fee will be charged.)


Event sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact: Susan Soares, Vibenation MultiMedia LLC (susan@vibenationmultimedia.com)  310-923-3857;  or Dale Gieringer, CaNORML (dale@canorml.org)  510-540-1066.




  • I like to know the marijuana I smoke comes from people who don’t put roads before redwoods. The irony…of arguing for marijuana reform on an environmental platform with one hand, yet smearing environmentalists trying to protect an important chunk of local globe with the other.

    • I didn’t realize that by disagreeing with someone you were smearing them. I would think that everyone has “smeared” everyone else then. Polite disagreement is a part of life. Did I say that the nuclear video had lies in it? Yes. Did it have lies? Yes. When it seemed as if I might be wrong about the nuclear waste, I spent time and energy I don’t get paid for and tracked down the correct information and posted it. But other than that I’ve talked about the protesters respectfully. I’ve respected those who are against the project. I’ve never once attacked their morals for being against the Project as I have been attacked. I called the protesters “those of us who care deeply about the trees and fear that we might harm them in our zeal to march forward into the future.” I believe that they truly believe that they are protecting a beautiful place against desecration.

      I think they are wrong. I offer my reasons why I think they are wrong. To the best of my knowledge I have acted civilly. I don’t like when people lie to achieve an end. I say so.

      I don’t like being attacked for having a different opinion than you. Feel free to tell my why opinion is wrong. But until you are brave enough to sign your name like I do to your opinions and take the flak I get, please try and be a little more understanding of how difficult it is to step forward and put my opinions out there.

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